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Celebrity Wife Swap star Carnie Wilson an overweight celebrity stoner?

January 6th, 2012 at 11:55 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

The daughter of Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson is also a famous music artist. Carnie Wilson of the pop music band Wilson & Phillips was featured on the new reality television show Celebrity Wife Swap. When the overweight but laid back star switched homes with former anorexic and bulimic celebrity Tracey Gold, her name started trending on search engines. People had a renewed interest about the celebrity stoner’s lifestyle and struggle with weight. Will she ever get fit or feel emotionally healthy? What matters to us the most is the Autism advocate is (above all) happy.

Celebrity Wife Swap star Carnie Wilson an overweight celebrity stoner? Carnie Wilson, of the 1990s pop band Wilson Phillips, has set a New Year’s Resolution to finally take the weight off and keep it off, reports Us Weekly.The famous celebrity has endured numerous criticisms about her weight problem over the years — people have picked on her all her life for being fat and also in adulthood and for being a celebrity stoner.

The talented and otherwise sweet singer dropped 150 pounds in 1999 via gastric bypass surgery, an option reserved generally for those who just can’t shake the weight with traditional methods. Her name has been trending in entertainment news since she appeared on the new reality television show Celebrity Wife Swap where she switched homes with former anorexic television star Tracey Gold.

Neither of the star celebs directly addressed their weight problems on the show — but one thing was clear. While Tracey seems to still have her life ruled by obsessive compulsive type disorders and a need to be perfect that are personality type features common for people with eating disorders, poor Carnie seems to suffer from disorganization and is living in what many would feel is a lifeless (if not loveless) marriage that depresses both she and her husband. And yes, fat people who are depressed do tend to feel helpless and eat more.

Most likely based on her “like two ships passing in the night” marriage and a profound sense of feeling overwhelmed by taking care of small children alone, the singer has continued to struggle. Citing things like her dysfunctional family and pressure to perform well to keep her career on track, Carnie thinks anxiety is at the source of her eating disorder.

In an interview highlighting her appearance on Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC this season (which currently is the saving grace for the network, struggling with poor Bachelor ratings), she admitted to Fox News that, though she became sober in 2004, she is plagued by obsessive-compulsive disorder and an addictive personality. So, when she stresses, if it’s not wine or weed, it’s weight. Both are tough coping strategies for a new mom to admit to herself, let alone everybody on TV.

“I’ve had so much stress in the last year, so it’s really a struggle,” she told Fox News.

“I’m definitely up in weight. I’m looking forward to getting an exercise routine again. It’s like a daily decision.”

Meanwhile, childhood friend of Wilson’s, and Wilson Phillips band mate, Chynna Phillips, is still looking slim and healthy, though critics continue to claim that she’s had a lot of plastic surgery to make it happen. But the star celeb cited her performance on season 14 of Dancing with the Stars last year as her secret to looking so young and thin, quipping that it “literally saved my butt.”

Chynna was voted off Dancing with the Stars after forgetting her dance routine that was choreographed to the theme song from the hit movie Mission Impossible (made famous by actor Tom Cruise) , reported ABC.

“I’m disappointed, I’m sad. But I have to take responsibility, I messed up,” she said, thanking her pro partner, Tony Dovolani and the fans who voted for her.

Nevertheless, one good thing came out of the star Wilson’s struggles. To cope, and to take negative attention off of her and turn heads toward something positive, the star celeb got to work producing a charity album with her band, Wilson Phillips, to help raise $1 million for The Autism Research Institute in 2010, website reported in 2010.

“I don’t wanna talk about negative weight stories and all that c**p people are sick of,” she said. “Let’s make a difference with our own hands. Let’s make a difference for children who suffer with autism.”

Maybe Carnie Wilson can get some green health eating tips from Venus Williams and Serena Williams, who recently went vegan to combat an autoimmune disease; or Mike Tyson, who seems to have become the vegan posterboy, according to some, claiming that in addition to its other health benefits, it helps him feel more energetic.

Or, since she’s gotten her feet wet with the whole reality television thing now that she’s done wife swap that maybe she’s consider doing a DWTS thing. After all, talk show host Ricki Lake did quite well losing weight on the show and so did Nancy Grace. As for the pot smoking thing, all we can see wrong with her doing it when she is stressed out is that it might make her more inclined to overeat.

She could also pretty easily do the Jenny Craig diet or the Weight Watchers program and make some extra cash if she goes public and endorses either program for their ads in magazines and on TV.

Whatever her choice about how to lose weight, we wish Carnie Wilson (who is the daughter of singer Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys) the best on her New Year’s Resolution for 2012.


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Celebrity Wife Swap star Carnie Wilson an overweight celebrity stoner?


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