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Selena Gomez rescue dog hit puppy lottery thanks to Justin Bieber?

January 5th, 2012 at 6:40 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Star celebs Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are absolutely adorable together, but you know what is even cuter than the celebrity couple? Her new rescue dog named Baylor. He hit the puppy lottery and got adopted by Selena Gomez thanks to Peta celebrity spokesperson Justin Bieber after the Biebs took his girlfriend and her family to tour a Canadian animal shelter while they were visiting him on vacation.

Selena Gomez rescue dog hit puppy lottery thanks to Justin Bieber? Is there anything cuter out there than love birds Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber? If you ask Selena Gomez herself, the answer is definite: YES! Her pets.

Disney princess Selena Gomez has a new rescue puppy whose name is Baylor. The Disney princess from Wizards Of Waverly Place fame is well-known for being 100% pet friendly and going the extra mile to rescue stray animals that have been left abandoned at animal shelters. The latest addition to her celebrity household makes animal rescue number six. She adopted the dog in the late fall after picking up his vet bills that rendered much needed medical attention to get the puppy well.

An animal lover to the max, she has a whole house full of pampered pets she’s saved from animal shelters already. Baylor the dog is the family’s sixth and latest, though unexpected, addition, reports People magazine. The entertainment news source interviewed Selena Gomez and the Biebs and reports the dog hit the puppy lottery after he took her on a tour of a local animal shelter (as an animal rights activist who helps promote the non-profit organization Peta):

“We went to a shelter just for fun … and we saw this adorable, adorable puppy,” Gomez said in October.

“I literally felt like he said my name. So, I had to have him.”

Since rescuing the dog from the animal shelter, apparently the star celeb has been teaching her super cute pup some tricks to perform. She offered a tweet and a pic showing the new family member sitting at the dinner table as if he’s just waiting to be served. No worries having to remember to feed him, we guess!

We wonder if he’s toilet trained as well — using a potty and learning to flush like Jinxie the cat did in the funny movie Meet The Fockers with actors Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro. Now that would truly be amazing!

Apparently the chain of events that helped Baylor get adopted was when the family of the Disney Princess had gone to visit in D’Arcy’s Animal Rescue Centre in Winnipeg, MB, Canada with the Biebs, she met the puppy. There for charity benefit purposes, she had no idea she would be adopting the puppy — but fortunately she has enough time, money, and family around that qualifying as a care giver for the abandoned pet was no problem for the sweet celebrity.

The famous celebrity couple both reportedly toured the facility for hours before her decision to go through with the dog’s adoption, says Us Weekly.

[Justin Bieber is a celebrity spokesperson for PETA, so touring animal shelters is something he does regularly helping raise money for the organization.]

Apparently the pup, who turned out to be sick and in need of some attention (she asked everyone to pray for him) tugged at her heart strings and she just couldn’t say no. So, she popped for his vet bills and played nurse mommy to him. Now that’s dedication!

Selena Gomez is not the only star saving animals from euthanasia or worse fates. Pet friendly star celebs Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart also adopted a stray dog they named Bear earlier in 2011. The Twilight actress was spotted running around town with their new baby, reported Hollywood Life in May. Although they jokingly refer to the dog as just a mutt (like that’s a bad thing), Robert Pattinson has a really big heart when it comes to animals. Like Baylor won over the heart of Selena, Bear has totally enchanted Pattinson (even though the dog is technically Kristen’s).

Other pet friendly star celebrities include actress Jennifer Aniston, actor Alec Baldwin, actress Lindsay Lohan, and singer-songwriter Paul McCartney. Many of these stars support PETA, though not as many have supported website, started by Alex Pacheco, co-founder of PETA, as a legacy project, following his departure from PETA as chairman.

But we’re happy to see that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are just as sincere about helping these stray or abandoned animals, even if it means taking them in one at a time instead of donating money to a cause. Sounds like a great way to start off the New Year.


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Selena Gomez rescue dog hit puppy lottery thanks to Justin Bieber?


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