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American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez still taunting husband with boyfriend

January 4th, 2012 at 10:50 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez is getting hot in the Sunshine State since her split with ex Marc Anthony, reports People. The star celeb had split with Anthony over the summer, and although some rumors speculated she shared a romantic tryst with fellow judge Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, an extra-marital affair with a guy who looks just like Brad Pitt, and showed up on dates with People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year [in 2011] Bradley Cooper, J-Lo has been lying low on the relationship front while healing from her domestic crisis. [Yes, we're being sarcastic.] After all those alleged affairs, she hooked up with 24-year-old back up dancer Casper Smart at the end of the year. Since then, the two have been having a very physical love affair apparently — one that she has been flaunting (apparently) to taunt her estranged husband.

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez still taunting husband with boyfriend The latest celebrity scandal news was that not yet divorced Jennifer Lopez, 42, was spotted in sunny Miami, FL, celebrating the New Year. Apparently the cougar celeb and younger beau Casper Smart were on South Beach in Miami and spotted dancing at club Amnesia together. A source told People the famous celebrity couple seemed to be having a great time. How lovely for her estranged husband Marc Anthony to hear, right? She’s been dragging her new boyfriend around with her young twins and while in Miami Casper Smart managed to get himself a speeding ticket for — get this — drag racing. Now, he’s on probation for it.

We’re not talking about the Ru Paul kind of drag race here, but still… knowing your wife and kids are hanging out with this loser has to be embarrassing for the otherwise well-mannered and conservative Latin singer Marc Anthony. The boy looks like a homeless street kid!

Casper Smart, who is an aspiring actor and back up dancer for J-Lo, is only 24-years-old.

“They were very sexy with each other, dancing and bouncing around and making out,” a source at the club tells PEOPLE of the couple, who partied until 3 a.m. “They couldn’t help but attract attention, although Jennifer was trying to lie low from onlookers.”

That didn’t stop people from noting the star celeb couple, E! reports:

“Just saw Jennifer Lopez and new boy toy holding hands walking down Lincoln Road,” a passerby tweeted of the twosome.

The couple attempted to keep a low profile by stepping out in sunglasses, plain clothes, and no make-up to go unrecognized. Still, celeb spies doing what they do, people were bound to notice. The New York Daily News said a source claimed the two were so close at Soho House in Miami on Thursday that their noses were practically touching while they were talking. The source wasn’t particularly flattering about Casper Smart, though, before the couple exited through the back.

The source says “J.Lo was decked out and looked amazing,” but Smart, in his white button-down shirt and black pants, resembled “a member of the wait staff.”

And the Daily Mail reports that Casper was mistaken for J-Lo’s son at a local McDonald’s (which is actually reasonably hilarious).

A source said: ‘Jennifer shouted: “I’m his girlfriend – not his mother!” And then she grabbed Casper’s arm and marched out in a huff.

But if it’s been enough to dissuade J-Lo, from dating, one wouldn’t know it from the way they were gallivanting around Miami, taking in the local sights, dancing at clubs, dining at 5 star restaurants on her ticket, going sailing with her bikini bathing suit (sometimes) clad, and more.

More than one source saw the star celeb couple getting mushy together out in public. The New York Daily News called the celebrity couple “lovey dovey.” Looks like the Amnesty International and March of Dimes supporter isn’t too worried about her age or what the rumor mills reports about her love life in the New Year or during a custody battle for her kids with ex-husband Marc Anthony has to bring, does it?

We just wish she would reconsider the way she’s living her life as a role model for her children and other women.


Because not having a day between love affairs with men makes her look insecure, desperate, and needy and picking out such a tool to have a fling with when she is not even divorced yet has got to be a negative influence on her children.


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American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez still taunting husband with boyfriend


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