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Snooki from Jersey Shore new look and red hairdo praised by who?

January 2nd, 2012 at 3:49 am by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Guess what, celebrity health and fitness watchers! The smallest celebrity on the hit reality television show Jersey Shore Nicole Polizzi a.k.a. “Snooki” got some big praise on New Years Day from none other than critical (but oftentimes right) celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton — the man so many star celebs love to hate. But it looks like the cast of the MTV reality TV vacationers series might have been on Santa Perez’ nice list last year — because his Christmas present to Snooki seems to be some very flattering free press.

Snooki from Jersey Shore new look and red hairdo praised by who? Snooki from the reality television show Jersey Shore got big praise from celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton on New Years Day. Why was he giving her kudos and more free publicity? Over her new ginger inspired hairstyle, of course. It actually looked cute — well, pretty cute… more cute if you were a bit too hung over from late night debauchery at New Years Eve parties.

Perez Hilton (who seemed to be a fan of the half pint celebrity — at least in this article) praised the new and improved Snooki look, saying:

A new year, a new look!

Our heart’s desire, Snooki … was spotted sporting a brand new, red locks after leaving a salon in NYC the other day!

She’s certainly come a long way from being dropped in her own New Year’s ball [last year], don’t you think?

Looking FAB, gurl!

Keep it up!

Little Snooki has been doing whatever she can to look better lately as her age seems to be catching up with her. She’s gone on a big diet, has been working out regularly, has been giving her celebrity endorsement to some diet pill company we won’t mention by name here (but that she tweets), and she claims — yes, claims — to be down to her high school weight.

For anyone who does not know, that’s a mini-mighty 98 pounds. But before you go thinking she is anorexic at that weight (under 100 lbs), remember — the Italian Jersey Shore wannabe from New York is only 4 foot 10 inches. Even at her thinnest she is still shaped in the body like a portly 10-year-old boy (a tough physical flaw to overcome, absolutely).

The term “Ginger” was made popular to describe red-heads by the hit Comedy Central cartoon series South Park. In it, gingers — with their red hair, freckles, and fair skin — are thought to be creepy genetic anomalies. While their use of the phrase was certainly not original, it was funny and seems to have melded the cartoon image with the phase in many people’s heads.

Because Snooki’s long locks (minus her once trademark but already hopelessly out-dated trademark poof) are mostly black with hints of long artificial red extensions (rather than natural orange or auburn human hair clips), she really looks more like Halloween than a true ginger girl — but one has to give Perez Hilton credit for making a positive observation.

Check out her new hairstyle pics posted over on She’s the woman wearing the bright red platform clown boots and the skull t-shirt (making herself hard to miss).

But in her twit pic she tweeted of herself, she really put a Manic Panic Vampire Blood looking hue in (which you can see in the photo above).

Snooki from Jersey Shore (whose real name is Nicole Polizzi and despite her bad wardrobe choices) DOES look far better in 2012 than she once did.

Maybe she is growing up and will figure out a way to go back to school to finish her education before she hooks up with some loser and churns out a passel of kids with that Gianni guy. Or worse — with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Guys see he has all the telltale signs of really liking that girl (even though they fight). She would ruin him within a fortnight.

Either way, we just hope she stops the binge drinking, starts showing herself more self-respect in 2012, and that her New Years Resolutions involve more work for charity and less night club appearances.


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Snooki from Jersey Shore new look and red hairdo praised by who?


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