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Cars 2 Review: Green cars bio-fuel subject of ridicule in Pixar film?

July 5th, 2011
Cars 2 Review: Green cars bio fuel subject of ridicule in Pixar film? I recently went to see the new animated film Cars 2. Some parents say I may be looking too deeply into the children's movie message, but what I saw was an animated kids movie that was red not green. Despite the very real fact the film was fun, funny, had an all star cast of character voices (like actor Owen Wilson, comedian Larry the Cable Guy, and Hollywood celeb Michael Caine), I left the theater deeply disturbed. To give you a brief overview, it’s about friendships and who is the better racer between the car star Lightening McQueen and a new race car from another country. Now, my impression is that one of the main characters was supposed to represent Sir Richard Branson, a famously wealthy environmentalist. Part of the story line is a competition between bio-fuel vehicles and regular old gasoline automobiles. The movie was visually stunning as an animated project. The lesson most kids seem to be taking away from seeing the film was that bio-fuel products are inherently dangerous and their use should never be trusted. More good news and green gossip on this [...]
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