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Celebrity Couples: Jennifer Aniston denies romance with Justin Theroux?

May 23rd, 2011
Celebrity Couples: Jennifer Aniston denies romance with Justin Theroux? Celebrity Couples! Jennifer Aniston denies romance with Justin Theroux? [May 23] Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux the new celebrity couple in Hollywood? Her reps say, "No." Aniston, the former television star from Friends and B movie star invited to all the A List parties has reportedly been getting closer romantically to the ‘Your Highness’ actor Jason Theroux "for a while" says Bang Showbiz, "and although they are not ready to announced their relationship to the world, they are both determined to make it work." According to the rumor mill website, A source told X17 Online: "These two are jumping into this head-first. They're together all the time. But they sneak around and do everything they can not to be photographed together. Jen doesn't like her relationships to go public before she's ready." Jennifer Aniston has dated nearly all the hot and available single men in Hollywood since her very painful and public divorce from actor Brad Pitt. Back in the day, he wanted to start a family, but Jen was not having any part of it. Instead, she wanted to preserve her 10 year old boy backside and slim, trim figure. So, he ran off and had 6 kids in about 4 minutes with actress Angelina Jolie instead. The lastest celebrity gossip about ex-wife Jennifer Aniston had her paired up with Hangover 2 star Bradley Cooper -- but not any more. This week, she's adding yet another notch to the proverbial Jennifer Aniston - Brad Pitt bedpost with this new WHO IS HE? guy Justin Theroux. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Dancing With The Stars: Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas finals Samba sizzling hot?

May 23rd, 2011
Dancing With The Stars: Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas finals Samba sizzling hot? Dancing With The Stars! Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas Samba sizzling hot? [May 23] Shoulda had a speed limit..." was the assessment of the sizzling hot Samba by Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas said Tom Bercheron. As the first dance number to kick off finals week on DWTS 2011, the competition bar standard was set high and the performers did not disappoint. Watch the video link of the May 23rd performance and you will surely agree that fast and hot was right. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba gave Chelsea Kane a private dance lesson about how to be feminine and sexy. Fortunately, it did not include pole dancing or lap dancing or the Disney Princess act simply would not have been as scintillating right. Scores for the first dance of the final round of DWTS 2011 were nearly perfect. Carrie Ann gave the celebrity couple a 10, Len gave his typical buzz kill score of 9, and lively Bruno proudly posted a 10. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Disney star Lindsay Lohan darkest secrets leaked to press by crappy Dad?

May 23rd, 2011
Disney star Lindsay Lohan darkest secrets leaked to press by crappy Dad? Bad Celebrity Parents! Disney star Lindsay Lohan biggest secrets leaked to press by Dad? [May 23] Father's Day in 2011 is on Sunday, the 19th of June, and suffice it to say Hollywood social circles and rumor mills are already circulating the news that Michael Lohan, father of Disney princess Lindsay Lohan, will NOT be up for father of the year award. Michael Lohan has spent the better part of his Disney Princess' life making profits at her expense, and Lohan recently revealed he encouraged the star celeb to make nice with her accuser at the Betty Ford clinic to sell photographs to celebrity gossip sites of the two together in exchange for avoiding prosecution. But it is not just the cash happy pap that is raking in the dough by exploiting a family member's star power. Celebrity gossip sites like TMZ and RadarOnline make up an annual 3 billion dollar business, reports the Beverly Hills Courier, and many of those story leads and deepest, darkest secrets have been leaked to press by mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin grandma, grandpa, best friends, neighbors, staff, and casual acquaintances star celebs like young Lindsay Lohan think are close personal friends. Among the topics of star celeb gossip, celebrity rehab is a prime target. With Michael Lohan set to appear on the next season of the reality television show Celebrity Rehab, celebrity gossip sites are chomping at the bit, itching for an opportunity to get celebrity pics, insider celebrity dirt, and more. With a Disney princess like star celeb Lindsay Lohan in trouble for drugs and alcohol, the insider gossip becomes that much more appealing to star celeb gossip sites that profit from information that people want to know. People like Michael Lohan, even more inside than the insiders, have determined to capitalize on the drama that is celebrity lifestyle. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Celebrity Scandal: Botox Injections, Beauty Pageants, and the Botox Mom

May 23rd, 2011
Celebrity Scandal: Botox Injections, Beauty Pageants, and the Botox Mom  Celebrity Scandal! Botox Mom pulls a Balloon Boy stunt but blames The Sun for forcing her to make the Botox Injections - Beauty Pageants story up? [May 23] Sheena Upton, now known as Botox Mom across the United States after making a special guest appearance on Good Morning America, has backed away from her claims that she gave her 8-year-old daughter injections of Botox (botulinum toxin). The chemical used by plastic surgeons and others to treat frown lines and facial wrinkles has been used by many men and women who turn to plastic surgery to ease signs of aging. However, when parents heard a mother was injecting her child with Botox for a cosmetic surgery enhancement to increase the child's chances of keeping her baby face longer so she could compete in Toddlers in Tiaras type beauty pageants, there was a national uproar. What followed the airing of the taped interview was a flurry of calls to ask that Botox Mom lose custody of her daughter -- which she did. But that proper child removal was not what caused the most recent celebrity scandal. After losing custody of her daughter, Upton claimed that she had been tricked by the British Tabloid, The Sun, into taking on the fake name Kerry Campbell and making up the outlandish story, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. Now The Sun reporter Ally Einstein, who broke the news, says Upton set her up by peddling a false news story and The Sun staff are rightly angered by the fact that their news organization's name has been slandered by this crazy, money grubbing, fame whoring witch seemingly mentally unstable parent. She's like that Richard Heene guy who perpetrated the Balloon Boy stunt so his family could get their own reality television gig... only worse, as she truly appears to have caused her daughter physical harm in photos of her daughter getting at-home Botox injections done. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Penelope Cruz at home on high seas in Pirates of the Caribbean new movie

May 23rd, 2011
Penelope Cruz at home on high seas in Pirates of the Caribbean new movie Pirates of the Caribbean Movie News! Actress Penelope Cruz at home on high seas in Pirates of the Caribbean new movie? [May 23] Penelope Cruz is the latest Hollywood actress to join the cast and crew of the Walt Disney pictures Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. The latest Pirates of the Caribbean movies is called On Stranger Tides. The sure to be blockbuster film stars actor Johnny Depp again as Captain Jack Sparrow. Penelope Cruz -- who recently married actor Javier Bardem -- was actually pregnant on the set, and many staffers were concerned that as she grew in waist circumference with her bouncing baby boy that she would be unable to complete the rigorous tasks of completing filming. Movies featuring Captain Jack Sparrow, like Pirates of the Caribbean 4, often produce spectacular photos of and film footage of high seas adventures. Character actors like Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Kiera Knightly, and Johnny Depp have made pirates movies both fun and entertaining as family movies for older kids as well as allowed adults to truly enjoy watching the action adventure films with a metaphysical folklore twist in them again and again. Penelope Cruz was famous in the past for dating actor Tom Cruise long before she married Hollywood hottie Javier Bardem. The Spanish actress is known for being petite and exotic looking, with long black hair, wide-set big brown eyes, and a delicate looking yet swarthy complexion. Penelope Cruz fit the look of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies, and her casting addition to On Stranger Tides has been well received in advance of the film by loyal franchise fan movie watchers. Penélope Cruz Sánchez was made a household name star in Hollywood, essentially, not because of her new role with co-star Johnny Depp. She actually became well-known back in the day from her cavorting around with Tom Cruise while filming Vanilla Sky. More good news and green gossip on this [...]
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