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Free ECards: E Cards eco-friendly way to say Happy Mothers Day?

May 7th, 2011
Free ECards: E Cards eco friendly way to say Happy Mothers Day? Happy Mothers Day! Mother's Day E Cards the eco-friendly way to say Happy Mothers Day? [May 7] You don't have to actually have a famous mom to make her feel like a green celebrity! Mothers in the United States celebrate their annual holiday Mothers Day the second Sunday of May. Mothering on Sunday is done for mom by family. On Mothers Day, Mother gets to enjoy a work free day and special THANK YOU celebration. Smart dads and kids bring moms flowers, and the mother of the house (or any special women like Grandmothers and Aunts) usually get to spend a morning complete with breakfast in bed, all the household chores done, and get gifts of Mother's Day Crafts, special goodies and treats, and their favorite dinner on the special Holidays. For older children, making arts and crafts cards for mom might not be as practical to give as a special sentiment. That's where eco-friendly and free ecards can come in handy. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Animal Kingdom won 137th Kentucky Derby in front of biggest crowd ever?

May 7th, 2011
Animal Kingdom won 137th Kentucky Derby in front of biggest crowd ever? Sports History! Animal Kingdom won the 137th Kentucky Derby in front of the biggest crowd at horse race ever? [May 7] Here's a bit of horse-play sports history trivia for you. The latest celebrity pet to make headline news is a horse called Animal Kingdom. Going off at 20 to 1 odds, the beautiful animal ran his first big race on a dirt track to win the 137th Kentucky Derby. And guess what? Apparently the majestic equine champion has no fear of crowds, as the 2011 Kentucky Derby has the most guests watching the race that they have ever had at the Southern event. Vancouver Sun reports: In his first race on a dirt surface, Animal Kingdom roared from the pack to capture the 137th Kentucky Derby on Saturday at Churchill Downs. A 20-1 choice ridden by John Velazquez, who lost his ride on Uncle Mo on Friday when the horse was scratched, Animal Kingdom chased down Shackleford, who led almost the entire race. Animal Kingdom is trained by Graham Motion, who is based in Fair Hill, Md. Nehro also made a run, but finished second. Mucho Macho Man was third. Shackleford faded to fourth. [Betters found out] Animal Kingdom paid $43.80, $19.60 and $13 on a $2 bet. Nehro returned $8.80 and $6.40. Mucho Macho Man paid $7. The largest crowd in the history of the event, 164,858, packed Churchill Downs to watch as the best 3-year-olds in the world competed for the blanket of roses. Despite the fact that the race didn't have an overwhelming favorite, it had no shortage of compelling story lines. Whether or not you like horse racing as a sport or tradition, one thing is certain -- the animals whose hearts pump 75 gallons of blood per minute when they are running are impressive. Even more impressive than the spectacle of so many women wearing outlandish Kentucky Derby hats, more grand an glorious than those seen at the Royal Wedding this year. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

DWTS Trivia: Hines Ward nabbed and cuffed at gunpoint by LAPD?

May 7th, 2011
DWTS Trivia: Hines Ward nabbed and cuffed at gunpoint by LAPD? DWTS Trivia! Hines Ward nabbed and cuffed at gunpoint by LAPD a true rumor? [May 7] Hines Ward, former NFL star and one of the top contenders on the 2011 season of Dancing with the Stars was nabbed by cops while filling up at a gas station in Studio City, CA, according to TMZ. Cops had their guns drawn as they approached the vehicle being driven by a female, who was ordered out of the car and made to lie face down on the pavement. Hines Ward then was ordered out of the car. Ward was cooperative, say police, and, following questioning, learned that the car had been reported stolen. The cops continued their search, guns still drawn, as they investigated the passenger side, only to discover no one else was in the car, before they put their weapons away. It all turned out to be a mistake, though. The cops apparently had an outdated report of a stolen vehicle that matched the description of the car driven by the female driver. Both Ward and the female driver were released without further incident. Given the notoriety of some of LAPD's officers, especially with the history of the LA riots and the Rodney King incident, is Hines Ward upset about the incident? No, he says. "The police were just doing their job. Apologies were made, and it's now in the past. Moving forward," he said. What a classy guy. No wonder he's doing so well on Dancing with the Stars this season. Star celeb Hines Ward is paired with dancing pro Kym Johnson on Dancing with the Stars. Both dancers have been doing exceptionally well this season, getting consistently high marks from the judges. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Nicki Minaj rocks colors hot pink to bright green like new Barbie?

May 7th, 2011
Nicki Minaj rocks colors hot pink to bright green like new Barbie? Green Celebrity Style! Colorful Nicki Minaj rocks colors from hot pink to bright green in new video? [May 7] Nicki Minaj (a.k.a. The Harujuku Barbie), star celeb rapper, singer, and songwriter, has a hot new -- hot pink, that is -- dance song and video, Super Bass. The song has some questionably silly lyrics, but the rapper presents it with her typical flair, complete with a pool full of pink goo and a sports motorcycle made of ice that she really, uh, rides well. [Read: crotch rocket] You can catch the video at the CafeMom blog, The Stir. With blonde hair and bright yellow eyeliner, sporting a hot pink leopard print suit, Nicki Minaj doe More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Thor Review: Black actor Idris Elba new super hero in Hollywood?

May 7th, 2011
Thor Review: Black actor Idris Elba new super hero in Hollywood? Thor Review! Social issues about race and color emerge, as new Hollywood actor makes super hero movie claim? [May 7] Idris Elba is the name of the black actor chosen to play Heimdall in the new comic book super hero movie Thor, and he is quite unforgettable. However, his selection by producers and directors to play the Norse god has not gone unnoticed by some who don't like that the production team went with a non-traditional casting call. What is the big deal about the Hollywood actor starring in the super hero movie? For starters he is not Nordic. Secondarily, actor Idris Elba is black, and all the Norse gods in the comic book were white. And yes, because of it, he has critics. To this controversy, we say BIG WHOOP and congratulate producers for making a non-racist casting call (even if it is historically non-traditional). Actor Idris Elba has only spoken out briefly for the backlash over Marvel casting a person of color as a Norse god. Elba indicated in a recent celebrity interview that while some Marvel Comic fans had been upset because it was a deviation from the comics original drawings from a purely aesthetic standpoint, others were mad about his casting purely for racial reasons. Elba's straight forward and no BS reaction to his job playing the Heimdall character was simple and to the point. He said that if fans didn't like his casting, they should just stay home. (Link) More good news and green gossip on this [...]
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