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Strange News: Liv Tyler inspired Elf Ears plastic surgery trend?

April 16th, 2011
Strange News: Liv Tyler inspired Elf Ears plastic surgery trend? Strange News! Liv Tyler inspired Elf Ears new plastic surgery trend for youth too young to remember original Star Trek? [Apr. 16] Spock ears, or elf ears as they are known to the younger generation that grew up watching the Lord Of The Rings trilogy instead of the original Star Trek, are becoming all the rage among young folks experimenting with a cadre of new body modifications, including tongue splitting, unusual piercings, and even prosthetic horns. However, these pointed ears are actually quite elegant in their appearance, lending themselves gracefully to slim, long faces. But there are green celebrities who have popularized the look. Feminine faces especially seem to reap the benefit, as many have fallen for the elf character played by green celebrity Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings. [For anyone who has lived under a rock the past three decades, actress Liv Tyler is the daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler who is the new judge on American Idol.] And while green celebrity Leonard Nimoy and his Star Trek Vulcan character Spock popularized the pointed ear look in the 1960s, the look is becoming popular again. Now there are body modification artists capable of performing the surgery almost as simple as an ear or nose piercing, even if more painful than a typical piercing. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Bounty hunter Duane Dog Chapman bailed out Nic Cage from jail in NOLA?

April 16th, 2011
Bounty hunter Duane Dog Chapman bailed out Nic Cage from jail in NOLA? Celebrity Scandal! Bounty hunter Duane Dog Chapman bailed out Nic Cage from jail in NOLA? [Apr. 16] Free press... get your free press here! Of all the people to post bond for actor Nicolas Cage after his arrest for domestic violence and disturbing the peace in New Orleans yesterday, reality television star Dog the Bounty Hunter (a.k.a. Duane Chapman) stepped up to the plate, says TMZ. Bounty Hunter is a big title for Dog, as few people know he is really just a little guy who stands about 5'7" tall (we suspect in boot lifts). When the Bounty Hunter show first aired Chapman on TV, The Bounty Hunter became a fun hit television series to watch on A&E. Duane was only just plain Jane "Duane Chapman" before he became the Watch Dog. In every episode of his television series, Duane 'Dog' Chapman hypes not only the criminals antics prior to arrest but also offers offenders a chance at redemption. [Many times with coaxing to turn away from the dark side by both he and his amply stacked persuasive wife Beth. Movie actor Nicolas Cage, who was being held on $11,000 bond, was picked up by Dog after the star landed himself in jail for refusing to go inside when New Orleans police asked him to voluntarily enter the building. Instead, the actor and the star of, fittingly, Con Air among many other films, told the police to arrest him. He again was asked to go inside, but refused. Officers then arrested Cage, who they said had been drinking at the time. According to TMZ, Dog's wife Beth Chapman and co-star on his reality show, Dog the Bounty Hunter, more-or-less confirmed the Nicholas Cage bail out pick-up by way of a tweet: "My guy just walked out of the jail damn new Orleans 8 hours holy cow that's a lot of time to Process one guy." More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Celebrity Style: Jessica Simpson designing wedding dresses in secret?

April 16th, 2011
Celebrity Style: Jessica Simpson designing wedding dresses in secret? Celebrity Style! Jessica Simpson secretly designing wedding dresses -- hoping to use one special bridal gown as her own? [Apr. 16] Celebrity singer and actress Jessica Simpson — she sure filled in those Daisy Dukes well on the film version of The Dukes of Hazard (2005) — is reported to be designing her own wedding dress for when she gets hitched at the end of this year. She has said it won't come from the Jessica Simpson Collection, according to the website Jezebel, but she adds, "I think every bride wants to design her own dress or at least have a part in it..." but rumor is she is keeping all her bridal gown designs a secret. Jessica Simpson confirmed for Extra that the date to marry fiance Eric Johnson, formerly with the 49ers and the Saints in the NFL, is sometime later this year, but she didn't identify a specific date. Extra also noted that Simpson on Thursday sang at Coors Field in Denver, CO, in a tribute to military families, alongside First Lady Michelle Obama. Jessica Simpson said, "When I got the call from Mrs. Obama, I was pretty shocked. It was like, did she get the wrong number?" Regarding the Jessica Simpson official wedding dress design secret, website Gather notes: As tantalizing as knowing Jessica Simpson's wedding dress will be another one of her own creations, fans will just have to wait to learn more because Simpson is keeping very hush hush about the potential details. Maybe Jessica is worried that Vanessa Minnillo will come along and steal her design ideas. The Business Insider has noted that Jessica Simpson designing her own wedding dress is a big deal. She has been working on her fashion brand since 2008, when she put out her last album. So it should be no news that she has made a hit of designing her own wedding dress. Is the green celebrity going to go into fashion design full time? "Simpson now sells (in case you've not been in a Macy's for a few years): shoes, handbags, denim, outerwear, glasses, swimwear, accessories, fragrance and luggage. And her brand is valued somewhere between $750 million and $1 billion," says Business Insider. Is this a cue that Jessica Simpson will be launching her own bridal line? More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Celebrity Diets: Kimora Lee Simmons save the tatas diet secrets revealed

April 16th, 2011
Celebrity Diets: Kimora Lee Simmons save the tatas diet secrets revealed Celebrity Diets! Kimora Lee Simmons terrifying new Save The Tatas diet secrets revealed -- stop eating to get thin? [Apr. 16] Sadly, this celebrity is not dieting to prevent breast cancer or to promote breast cancer awareness. Kimora Lee, model and author, has a fascinating new weight loss plan. Just don't eat! But it's not that simple, she says. Kimora is trying to assure everyone that she doesn't actually starve herself to death, because, as one author points out in Gawker, of all the fat to go by starving oneself, the boobs are the first to go. We don't want that! No, Kimora Lee Simmons has said her diet balanced her meals with lean protein and other green and healthy foods, combined with some exercise, to drop 25 pounds in a year. That really is the healthy way to go. Many celebrities, especially models, attempt to drop as much weight and as many dress sizes as they can within a week to a month before a fashion show, new movie cameo, photo shoot, or TV guest appearance, which is a seriously unhealthy diet. They also tend to embrace either Kimora's style of dieting (which simulates Anorexia) or the binge purge regime of mentally unbalanced men and women who love to eat but are obsessed with staying thin. The former Mrs. Russel Simmons said, according to PopEater: "I have shed the fat by not eating," Kimora half-jokingly tells me. "But I don't like to tell the kids that so they think they shouldn't eat. No, I watch my portions, and I eat leaner proteins and vegetables and stuff like that." She backed up her claims that she is neither anorexic or starving herself in an unhealthy manner, telling PopEate she is not like other models or reality television stars the following diet story: "I was out one night with two famous sisters" -- Kimora asked that I not reveal the identity of the young reality stars -- "when a bunch of burgers were being passed around. I went to grab one and the two of them looked shocked. They said, 'We don't eat.' Then after I grabbed a burger, they said they were joking but I knew they weren't!" The sisters (Kardashian sisters, we presume but can't prove) were starving themselves, according to Kimora, and that's just not healthy. And with word on the streets that Kim Kardashian has been wearing Spanx, it's easy enough to believe. The diet according to Kimora Lee Simmons is much more healthy, and obviously it works. The celebrity mom and reality television star is looking great! More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Little Monsters: Lady Gaga cat lady killer look inspired real pet death?

April 16th, 2011
Little Monsters: Lady Gaga cat lady killer look inspired real pet death? Celebrity Scandal! Little Monsters learn shocking news as fan girl goes Gaga, killing family pet cat to make a dress? [Apr. 16] This is not a pet friendly news story. Preparing for a Lady Gaga show in Oklahoma City this week, one girl went wildly over the edge to imitate the iconic pop star, known for showing up to the MTV Music Awards in her now infamous meat dress. Angelina Barnes, 20, of Oklahoma City, drowned and mutilated the 15-year-old family cat while dressed in a Lady Gaga outfit and proceeded to cover her face in cat blood, according to Radar Online. Relatives of Angelina Barnes came home to find all the lights in the home out, with duct tape over all the switches, preventing them from turning on any lights. In the bathroom, they found the cat, drowned in the bathtub and mutilated. The bathroom was covered in purple hair dye and cat blood, and the cat's eyes had been poked out. The cat's liver was found in a make-up box, according to The Huffington Post. Apparently Angelina Barnes had first drowned the cat, then sliced it down the middle, using the cat blood to paint herself before the Lady Gaga concert. Following that, she mutilated the cat's body. At least one of Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters" got way out of control this time. Nobody knows if the disturbed girl intended to do anything else with the mutilated body as part of the concert costume. More good news and green gossip on this [...]
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