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Celebrity Couples: DWTS Mark Ballas and American Idol Pia Toscano dating?

April 10th, 2011
Celebrity Couples: DWTS Mark Ballas and American Idol Pia Toscano dating? Celebrity Couples! DWTS Mark Ballas and American Idol Pia Toscano hooking up thanks to wrestler Chris Jericho? [Apr. 10] Mark Ballas and partner Disney starlet Chelsea Kane may have fired it up on the Dancing with the Stars dance floor, with their unmistakable chemistry both in front of the judges and behind the scenes, but American Idol hopeful Pia Toscano had her eyes on Ballas, since they both worked at the CBS Television Lot where the two shows are filmed. But Pia needed an introduction, says TMZ. How does a starlet hopeful like Pia Toscano meet with an already famous dancer like Mark Ballas? Through the six degrees of Kevin Bacon — er, separation. Except this time it was only three degrees of separation and no Kevin Bacon (except maybe a little Animal House and Footloose, wink wink). It turns out Pia had a friend who was friends with wrestler Chris Jericho, and of course Chris Jericho also is performing on Dancing with the Stars with Mark Ballas. Voila! Introduction accomplished. Chris Jericho from Dancing with the Stars must be quite the matchmaker, becaus TMZ says Mark Ballas was receptive and that he and Pia Toscano reportedly had a great time and are looking to have another rendezvous again soon. Mark Ballas even skipped out on a music video shoot for their big night together last Friday. In spite of Pia Toscano being sent home early in a terrible upset of votes on American Idol, she may have won big anyway, through Chris Jericho, with her big date with Mark Ballas. Kudos to Pia, who many (especially the judges) feel she should not have been voted off the show. And Mark Ballas is continuing to shine as well, both on stage and behind the scenes. He and Chelsea Kane (Team Kanenball, as Ballas calls the pair) have made it through another week of Dancing with the Stars, and he's about to release his debut solo album, HurtLoveBox, on April 12, according to USA Today. He wrote the blog for USA Today before he hooked up with Pia Toscano, because in it he says he still planned to shoot a video the next day, but it seems all is working out well. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Celebrity Homes: American Idol $12M haunted mansion up for sale?

April 10th, 2011
Celebrity Homes: American Idol $12M haunted mansion up for sale? Celebrity Homes! American Idol $12M haunted mansion up for sale? [Apr. 10] What's scarier than standing up in front of an audience of millions to test your singing and stage presence on American Idol? The The American Idol haunted mansion (according to rumors) for finalists is up for sale as celebrity real estate, reports TMZ. Finalists there left the haunted mansion after spooky reports by some finalists — strange noises, breezes blowing the doors open. Your typical haunted mansion celebrity home type stuff. And the haunted mansion will be going for a whopping $12 million -- so it houses luxury items for affluent ghosts, we're sure. PopEater reported at the end of March: Naima Adedapo describes, "Even though I'm a very logical person, it was a little disturbing for it to be 2:30 in the morning and the doors blow open and there's breeze and wind. I picked up this huge chair and put it in front of the door and it still blew open, so it was best to leave the house." "The house was just kind of falling apart," American Idol Stefano Langone told E! Online. "Ants were all over my room. We relocated for a temporary thing. We're at some hotel now." And Naima complained of leaks in the haunted mansion. Apparently a would-be green celebrity Idol winner and haunted mansions don't get along so well. Not exactly green celebrity sort of digs, although the price tag seems to differ. Perhaps a green celebrity looking to move from the east coast to the west coast (several have been moving from New York) would be interested in having his or her own green celebrity ... haunt ... on the west coast? It could be a great tourist attraction! More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Celebrity Scandal: Dennis Quaid drug addiction shocking Hollywood confession?

April 10th, 2011
Celebrity Scandal: Dennis Quaid drug addiction shocking Hollywood confession? Celebrity Scandal! Actor Dennis Quaid made a startling candid confession about Hollywood culture to the press about cocaine use and drug addiction? [Apr. 10] The Big Easy actor Dennis Quaid has opened up about his former cocaine addiction. But the story he tells is remarkable in itself, though unsurprising. The green celebrity actor reveals that Hollywood hands the stuff out like candy. In fact, Dennis Quaid said in an interview with Newsweek, cocaine was practically a part of the job — a perk if you will for actors requiring long hours, many retakes, and pressure to get it done quickly and correctly for teeming audiences looking to see the next star. From Newsweek: Cocaine was even in the budgets of movies, thinly disguised. It was petty cash, you know? It was supplied, basically, on movie sets because everyone was doing it. People would make deals. Instead of having a cocktail, you’d have a line. So it was insidious, the way it snuck up on everybody. Cocaine has become a huge problem for many star celebrities. Charlie Sheen, ousted star of Two and a Half Men has admitted to doing a seven gram rock in a single sitting, not to mention his problem with alcohol. Then there is Paris Hilton, who was busted last year on cocaine possession charges. Gary Busey, now on Celebrity Apprentice nearly died of a cocaine overdose in 1995. Then there's also Whitney Houston, Kate Moss, and Robert Downey, Jr., all with cocaine problems. There are countless more as well. Call them The Cocaine Fiends if you like (worth checking out; it's pretty funny). So green celebrity Dennis Quaid certainly is not the only one drug addiction. Countless green celebrity (and not so green) actors, singers, and other stars still are suffering from drug addiction. But Dennis Quaid is speaking out about how easily drug addiction creeps up on celebrities. And Quaid said that for him, even attempting rehab, his drug addiction only got worse before it got better. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Celebrity Seniors: Funny silver fox Helen Mirren mega hit on SNL?

April 10th, 2011
Celebrity Seniors: Funny silver fox Helen Mirren mega hit on SNL? Celebrity Seniors! Funny silver fox Helen Mirren a mega hit on SNL? [Apr. 10] Americans became interested in finding out more about celebrity senior Dame Helen Mirren when the famous green celebrity actress was the guest host on the April 9-10, 2011 Saturday Night Live. The silver fox Helen Mirren won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2006 for her role in The Queen. Currently she is starring in a remake of the comedy Arthur, which won Oscars in 1981 for both Best Song and for John Gielgud's performance as the butler. Dudley Moore also earned an Oscar nomination for his leading role as the iconic playboy in Arthur, but critics doubt Russell Brand's ability to achieve the same credit. Brand's acting abilities are not as well honed as Moore's were when he played the role, the Los Angeles Times reports. However, classy green celebrity Dame Helen Mirren just may be able to pull it off for the supporting role like Gielgud did in 1981. MTV reports on Helen Mirren's impression of her role as the playboy's nanny: "Well, me, Helen Mirren, would never ever be in that position because I would never countenance dedicating my life to someone else in that way," she said. "It takes a very special person to do that, and nannies have that. They're a very special kind of people, nannies — the kind of people who dedicate their lives to a whole other family that isn't theirs." The charitable silver fox and green celebrity is well-known for her donations and causes. She has traveled to Uganda with Oxfam in support of one of the world's longest-standing and most bloody crises, with over a million killed and over two million displaced. More good news and green gossip on this [...]

Election 2012: Jesse Ventura says Sarah Palin will be elected President?

April 10th, 2011
Election 2012: Jesse Ventura says Sarah Palin will be elected President? Election 2012! Jesse Ventura predicts reality television star Sarah Palin will run for United States President and become the first female president elected? [Apr. 10] Jesse Ventura, famed Minnesota governor and former WWE wrestler, is saying Sarah Palin probably will win the presidency if she runs. Sadly, Ventura's prediction may be right. Elections are far more about popularity and media coverage today than they were in the past, and Sarah Palin is practically a household name. Jesse Ventura believes Sarah Palin will be far more likely to be manipulated by the powers that be than current President Barack Obama. To that end, Sarah Palin having her own reality television series Sarah Palin's Alaska is a step in the direction of media saturation needed for a successful bid for the presidency. Digital Spy reports: "They're grooming her for it, she's got a TV show," Jesse Ventura said. "It seems that elections today are more popularity than they are substantial issues." "[Sarah Palin would] be perfect. She's the type of person that certainly will be controlled by the status quo and the power structure. So she'd make a perfect candidate for them, she'll do what she's told." Jesse Ventura has no particular love for Sarah Palin. He just believes the Republican Party is grooming her for the presidency. He's been outspoken of his feelings for her before, calling Palin a quitter and accusing her of abandoning Alaskans by quitting mid-term. More good news and green gossip on this [...]
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