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Sarah Palin lost Alaska reality TV spot to ecofriendly celebrity Jewel?

December 29th, 2011 at 6:26 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Eco-friendly singer Jewel is a bright green celebrity. As a clean water advocate, she has been helping improve living conditions around the world and in her home state of Alaska. As a famous humanitarian and eco-friendly celebrity, she’s also knocked gun-toting Republican guru Sarah Palin out of the top spot as a reality television star. Will Jewel use her star power wisely with her own family’s new reality TV show special feature on the Discovery channel about living a more sustainable lifestyle off the grid and being Alaskan? You can bet your caribou on it. Even though she lives in Texas now, she still remembers the lessons being poor and living in such a remote area taught her.

Sarah Palin lost Alaska reality TV spot to ecofriendly celebrity Jewel?  Politician turned reality TV star turned professional book writer Sarah Palin has no monopoly on the phenomenon that is Alaska. Word has it that the family of Jewel, the star celeb rocker with hits like Hands and Foolish Games, will be featured in a new reality show from the Discovery Channel. The new show will focus on the Alaskan frontier where Jewel was born and will follow her dad, Atz, as he prepares his 600 acre homestead in the arctic North for the long, cold winter.

Sarah Palin‘s proposal to be featured yet again on a reality television show about Alaska that (this time) would showcase the wild adventures of her husband Todd [as her snowmobiling sidekick] were snuffed after she shopped the idea around to a variety of networks. Her contract to do one season of Sarah Palin’s Alaska were apparently enough as fans of reality television were fairly well disgusted after seeing her episode featuring Kate Gosselin. To date, she is still in talks trying to secure a second season but has been unsuccessful.

Alaska: The Last Frontier premiered Thursday, December 29, at 10 p.m. ET. Naturally, fans of Jewel and fans of reality television in general were be hoping for a cameo appearance by the star celeb herself, but no word was forthcoming in advance on that particular front. So far, what we can hope for is a glimpse into the life that helped create the humanitarian celebrity known as Jewel — and everyone know’s she’s been tweeting to ask her Twitter followers to watch it.

Who is Jewel? A bright green celebrity.

Jewel Kilcher first rocketed to fame with an iconic voice — a combination of sultry and smooth, slow and powerful, that dominated her multi-platinum album “Pieces of You”. But many aren’t aware that the star celeb has long ties to Alaska. Jewel’s grandfather founded the town of Homer, AK, where The Last Frontier will take place. It makes one wonder if the iconic singer has any thoughts about Sarah Palin’s version of Alaska.

From The Republic:

Three generations of the Kilcher family live on a 600-acre homestead in Homer, a fishing community about 125 miles southwest of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. The series spotlights the family’s homesteading lifestyle, with the first episodes showing how they prepare for winter.

But far from being just another famous person at the center of a reality show that isn’t even about her in particular, Jewel is a green celebrity, though she keeps it low-key and personal. She may not draw much attention to herself, but Jewel has been working on humanitarian causes since nearly the moment she became famous. She started playing guitar at age 16, and by age 18 she was hooked on the need for clean water across the world.

LookToTheStars quotes Jewel as saying:

“I became interested in clean water when I was 18 and lived in my car,” said the 34-year-old. “I had sick kidneys and had to drink 2 gallons of purified water a day. I could not afford to buy much bottled water, and it dawned on me that if it was this hard to get clean drinking water in the United States, then it was probably a huge global issue. Boy, was I right.”

So Jewel founded Project Clean Water in 1997. She also founded, with her mother and older brother, Higher Ground for Humanity, to focus on education and sustainable development projects for areas in South and Central America, India, and Africa. Furthermore, she acts as a spokesperson for the Mary Kay Ash Foundation, which aims to end preventable cancers that commonly afflict women.

To get an idea of what sort of home such a charitable and humanitarian green celebrity comes from, tune in to Alaska: The Last Frontier scheduled to first air as a special on December 29 at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel. Follow Jewel on Twitter @jeweljk — she’s a lovely person, cute celebrity mom, and charitable celeb who is always happy to chat with fans about her charity benefit projects.


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Sarah Palin lost Alaska reality TV spot to ecofriendly celebrity Jewel?


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