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Jersey Shore Sammi strips Jerseylicious spunk from face, looks great?

December 23rd, 2011 at 1:02 am by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

You will never guess which Jersey Shore reality television star was willing to take off all her makeup, undo all her hair extensions, and to let a camera crew do a photo shoot. Here’s a clue — while you might say wow when you see the pictures, this girl has a tall tale that is true.

Jersey Shore Sammi strips Jerseylicious spunk from face, looks great?  Anyone who has seen an episode of Jersey Shore knows the GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) crew is rarely seen “au natural”. Always glowing orange with a spray tan, wearing hair gel, make up, and flashy clothes they play the part of divas well — and that’s just describing the guys on the show! One brave reality television starlet (if you can call her that) was actually brave enough to let make up artists strip her of her layers of bronzer, to have celebrity hair stylists remove her typically copious hair extensions, to scrub off the dirty piles of eyeliner she had painstakingly laid on like traffic lane road paint, and *gasp* to make her wear something cute, classic, and casually flattering for her age. But that’s not the biggest news. Us Weekly even commented on her appearance without all the Jerseylicious looking spunk on her face. They said, “The 24-year-old is a fresh-faced beauty with flawless skin and gorgeous naturally waves. The shocking transformation took just five products and five minutes.” Yes — you read that right… the Jersey Girl is getting rave reviews from fans, bloggers, entertainment news sources, and even a few haters admitting she looks great.

The celebrity gossip website had this to say about the relatively no-makeup look Sweetheart Sammi embraced. They shared:

Like her fellow Jersey Shore cast members, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola is a a fan of fake tans, fake lashes and fake hair.

The reality star recently revealed to that she spends two hours primping for a night out (she blow-dries, flat-irons and teases her hair), and is “the slowest in the house to get ready.”

So the team chose Giancola as their latest celeb “makeunder” candidate and the results are absolutely stunning.

Did you catch that? A Jersey Shore cast member looked absolutely stunning — not because she spent hours primping but rather because she did almost next to nothing.

We hope she sticks with the natural beauty look. Granted, if she added lashes back without the heavy eye make-up she would look more Hollywood, but still… finding a way to love who you are and what you look like the way god made you or finding a daily beauty regime that helps keep a fresh-faced look that is flattering (not aging) on you is absolutely good.

There are only a few women in this world who have been able to pull off a heavy make-up look without appearing too strange.

  1. Joan Rivers
  2. Cher
  3. Dolly Parton

All use the pounds of make up, the hair products, and the plastic surgery procedures to “create” a memorable image. All three transcend the definition of putting on war paint when they hit the make-up table to get ready for a public appearance date.

But their painted pony expressions and big wig hair styles have always been iconic as more of a spoof that something someone would every want to look like every day.

While Sammi has not gone overboard with cosmetic surgery, when she does her hair and make up Jersey Shore style, the look makes her age. Appearing 40, by they time she really is that age, she’s likely to look like she’s 88. So, while she might have kept Ronnie’s attention when the celebrity couple were younger (because she looked older), she’s getting the age where she would be better off looking a little bit younger than her age.

[Sammi is still single and not planning to date Ronnie again she says, by the way.]

Since she has an ID, there is no reason to fake. She should consider taking a natural beauty cue from Jessica Simpson and model more with no makeup on her pretty face. [Green celebrity Jessica Simpson appeared in a series of photos without any makeup after hosting on the show The Price Of Beauty for MTV cable network rival VH1.]

Minus the spray tan, the hair extensions, and wearing something more conservative, Sweetheart Sammi looks like a pretty Italian girl any young man with a promising future might like to date.

So, we wanted to give her props for acting cooler than her reality TV counterparts JWOWW (who just launched her own line of Bikini swimsuits) and Snooki (who was just sued for $7 million dollars over a branding and promotion debate) for being willing to humble herself enough to let her inner beauty shine though — at least for a day.



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Jersey Shore Sammi strips Jerseylicious spunk from face, looks great?


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