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Why did the new Kardashian family Christmas card get so much bad press?

December 21st, 2011 at 1:55 am by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Happy ho-ho-ho holidays from the world-famous Kardashian sisters Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim. The Kardashian family Christmas card is out and it looks flashier than they do on reality television. The Fab Life even went so far as to call the reality television clan spooky looking and pointed out how much they look like The Munsters. Was their tuxedo theme family photo printed on 3D paper impressive or tacky? Hollywood insiders weigh in… on Dasher, on Prancer, on Glamour and Glitz.

Why did the new Kardashian family Christmas card get so much bad press?  Happy Holidays, Kardashian family style. If you are looking for ideas for Christmas, star celebs should never make a greeting card that looks like this… here’s a look back at other Kardashian family Christmas cards through the years. Some are better than others. So far, this one (despite the addition of Lamar Odom and cute little Mason — the son of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian) was the worst.

If Kim Kardashian was looking to tone it down this holiday season, the Kardashian and Jenner family Christmas Card isn’t going to tell that story. Previous reports said Kim Kardashian, since filing for divorce following her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries, was going to be staying out of the spotlight until New Year’s Eve. Naturally, she wasn’t going to miss New Year’s Eve — that is one of her famously big party nights. So she issued a press release about her New Years party.

Then along came this — the now infamous black tie theme family photo super imposed image 3D Christmas cards that some critical fans are saying make all the people look creepy at best… or at worst, blitzed. And that is pretty creepy because several of the family members pictured were way below the legal drinking age — and Kris Jenner looked like a fat Morticia Adams celebrity look-alike [parodying The Adams Family television show maven in her skin-tight dress].

While the writers at GCN always try to report good news about the Kardashians (because they are [technically speaking] philanthropists), not all celebrity gossip sites equally love them. The Fab Life reported, “Nothing says “Deck The Halls” better than men’s wear, skin-tight sequins and gothic mood lighting. Not according to the Kardashians 2011 holiday card, anyway. Continuing their grand tradition of yuletide divadom, Kim Kardashian unveiled the card [the week before Christmas]… tweeting, “This year’s family Christmas card is finally here!””

Then they went on to state the blatantly obvious Kardashian family photo analysis:

This year’s photo might take the cake when it comes to least jolly Season’s Greetings. Where did they shoot this thing? A haunted Grecian ruin? Check out the increasingly moody leanings of the Kardashian family Christmas cards dating back to a startlingly normal photo from 2008. You have to hand it to them, though: no one is going to be sending out anything nearly this eerie for the holidays. Well, maybe the Munsters. They wish.

The Kardashian sisters rarely pass up an opportunity to get their photos taken — even when they get leaked out to the press. Whether Kim K gets photographed without her makeup or in a bikini on the beach, she always seems to look perfect in the pics.

While most glorify her luxury lifestyle, there are a few photos floating around out there that do someone other than her some good. There was (for instance) the photo-op of her helping out in Haiti. But, hey, she was on vacation, right? This wasn’t another stunt for the cameras. This was the real Kim, down and dirty, doing what she does best. Well, maybe what she does best is draw attention to causes that need attention. She really does try. Do gooders winced when Kim K caught flack for volunteering on Thanksgiving — but only because she had to have her hairstylist and make up artist with her to make sure she looked good while she helped serve free food to California’s impoverished and homeless.

But this Kardashian Christmas card may be going a bit over the top while trying to make the group look like an impressive and formidable philanthropic family unit to be respected. Actually, the card makes them all look like all they care about is themselves and that they have lost their charity benefit focus. Take a look at the gorgeous shoes they are all wearing, tally up what it would cost to buy them as presents for your wife [life partner, husband] and children, you get a pretty good idea why so many third world country residents and Occupy Wall Street protestors hate the rich.

Even one celebrity gossip writer from The Stir exclaimed, “Dang, I knew I should have saved those glasses from the last Harry Potter movie!” Except this glam card failed to impress the American public with the Kardashians magic credit.

One other Hollywood insider we interviewed joked about the mainstream media headlines. She shared her opinion about the tacky cards, saying:

Striking [Yes] with its all-star cast dressed in black and striking poses against a blue backdrop, just as ABC reports… but more telling with its matriarch and momager Kris Jenner featured front and center in that shimmering blue-green. Friends who have seen the card up close and in person are saying the image is rendered in 3-D as well, so those with 3-D glasses presumably can feel as if they’re just one of the family. I tend to think I’d feel more like I was caught in a zombie Kardashian nightmare. Take your pick — bottom line, [I think] the Kardashians have been catching a great deal of flack since Kim Jenner appeared to push Kris Humphries into asking her famous daughter to marry him so they could up the ratings on E! Network television. Her sending out this Christmas card was just a move to get herself (more than her children) talked about in the press.

The truth is probably Kim Kardashian (more than Kris Jenner) needs the bump in the ratings. Several polls, some genuine and some gibes, have claimed the Kardashian clan is losing popularity as a whole this year [despite splitting apart the sisters and trying to make each one a stand-alone celebrity so they can more easily ride out bad press.] While the photographer was trying to make them all look fabulous, unfortunately they all came off looking far to out of touch with reality, arrogant and affluent.

For that reason, having that picture represent their family is [to their credit] inaccurate.

For instance, Kim Kardashian has been very generous to humanitarian causes over the years. The card fails to show how much work she has done for the American Foundation for AIDS Research, the Skin Cancer Foundation, or the Dream Foundation.

So what if her volunteer time often coincided with a camera flash if it got non-profit organizations free press? No one can say how genuinely Kim feels about the celebrity causes she adopts, though her supporters assure that Kim really enjoys the work she does. What one can say is she seems to get it done, and that’s admirable.

If it takes a flashy happy 3-D Christmas Card from the Kardashian and Jenner families to stir up some attention that gets directed to some worthy causes, it’s not such a big price to pay. But, oh, man, if you got one, wouldn’t it be weird to have them all standing around on that 3-D greeting card with those dead picture eyes following you anywhere in the room you went?

It would be easier to look at a single picture of Rob Kardashian dressed up to look like Gomez Adams. Again. At least then we could check out his dance partner Cheryl Burke instead of his mom.

[Thanks for the memories, Dancing With The Stars. Kris Jenner single handedly making the yuletide gay with her pic.]


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Why did the new Kardashian family Christmas card get so much bad press?


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