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Ding Dong Dictator Kim Jong-Il dead (funny video clips from SNL, Mad TV)

December 19th, 2011 at 12:48 am by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Kim Jong Il, the enigmatic leader of North Korea famous for human rights and environmental abuses, is officially deceased. Resist the urge to sing, “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead”. We tried but just could not help ourselves. This is the very first time in memory we were actually happy to hear about a celebrity death (at least in our house). Before you read further, please realize that while this article has humorous elements, there is nothing funny about any of the horrible things the North Korean dictator did while he lived.

Ding Dong Dictator Kim Jong Il dead (funny video clips from SNL, Mad TV) It is official. Kim Jong-Il is dead. The fan of cognac, expensive cigars, and gourmet Chinese food was only 69-years-old at the time of his passing. The Korean government has confirmed he did have a stroke in 2008, but the state painstakingly kept his physical condition a secret from their citizens. Now, news is reaching the world via internet that the man with such a love – hate relationship with Western Culture died from a combination of diabetes and heart disease.

Were his Westernized lifestyle habits really the cause of his celebrity death? One can only hope. [If, that is, you have ever wished karma to affect people guilty of treating others poorly -- or (in his case) for leading the charge in human rights and environmental abuses.]

Over the years, the more contentious and dictatorial Kim Jong-Il got, the more comedians seemed to make fun of him. A favorite target in political satire skits, Americans (who he hated) probably laughed the hardest at jokes about him while still being terrified of him.

The Kim Jong-Il dictatorship was long parodied by comedy television programs in the United States.

Mad TV was one hit television show in the West that used to make jokes about the communist leader being obsessed with Western culture and loving to perpetrate human rights abuses. Saturday Night Live (SNL) was another.

Here’s a video clip from Mad TV where that kookie little Kim Jong Il shows off as the, “little man with the big dictatorship.” In it, he interviews the, “big deal player” Donald Trump, host of Celebrity Apprentice.

Everything Kim Jong-Il did was wrought with ludicrous eccentric. He was known for being cruel and barbaric to his citizens. He also had little to no regard for any other culture. Proud of launching nuclear weapons tests before his death, he became a subject of great ridicule by members of peace-seeking nations.

Take, for instance, this VIDEO CLIP OF KIM JONG-IL SINGING ROCKET MAN (as “Woket Man”). I heard a rumor that although [like me] the deceased and wicked dictator makes his skin crawl that Elton John saw the video clip and is still laughing after watching it.

The tragic irony of how much Kim Jong-Il hurt the reputation of the Korean people by showing so little regard for North or South Korean residents of the Korean peninsula in an attempt to make his country appear to be a super power nuclear state was lost on him. That’s why him suffering from diseases typically that are the result of a Western diet seems like such a fitting cause of death.

Hypocritical until the very end, all he talked about was how much he hated the West while enjoying the best parts of it.

A very, very unfortunate life and now timely death before he could do any more harm to his own people or the planet.

Who will replace him? SNL comedian Amy Poehler made light of a North Korean suggestion back when he was merely suffering from poor health (and what we now know was a stroke that must have intellectually impaired him). Watch the funny video clip of the SNL Weekly Update from back in 2010. Then, take a moment to think a good thought for the people of the region who have been so seriously affected by his humanitarian abuses. Our prayers go out to them tonight that they do not suffer even more under the reign of his kids.


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Ding Dong Dictator Kim Jong Il dead (funny video clips from SNL, Mad TV)


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