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Five reasons to love Pauley Perrette (TV star who plays Abby on NCIS)

December 13th, 2011 at 9:57 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Who is Pauley Perrette? While you might not recognize her by name, most people know her famous face immediately when they see her picture. She plays Abby on the hit television show NCIS — and guess what? In real life, Abby (we mean @PaulyP) is a civil rights activist who goes green and is famous for doing good deeds. If you love her, too, please share this article about her on facebook, +1 it to help share the good news, and if you come across one of her tweets for charity online please RT.

Five reasons to love Pauley Perrette (TV star who plays Abby on NCIS)  Fun, funny, quirky, bright, and immensely talented, humanitarian Pauley Perrette is one of the biggest reasons why the hit television show NCIS is still on the air and running new episodes seasonally.

Typically dressing her character Abby all in black, fans were tickled pink to see the super cute geeky girl with the black pigtails wearing red and green on the 2011 new holiday episode that aired Tuesday December 13th.

Off camera, Pauley Perrette is equally as dynamic of a character as she plays on TV. Here’s five great reasons to love her — for who she is and her willingness to do good deeds.

  1. REASON 1 — Pauley Perrette is a rock star on Twitter. When you first visit the official Twitter website of NCIS star Pauley Perette, you get an immediate sense of why so many people enjoy her company. The verified celebrity account @PauleyP boasts, “Official Tweets of Actor Pauley PerretteNCIS-ABBY, Civil Rights Activist, #StopMakingFriends singer/songwriter & wanna make you smile #NoNegativityZone” right in her profile headline.
  2. REASON 2 — On the show, Abby is the heart and soul of crime investigation behind the scenes. Pauley Perrette co-stars with former People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive star Mark Harmon. While he plays the leader of the investigative team, it is their professional yet friendly dynamic (both on camera and off) that seems to be the hit show’s key to longevity. Even though he stole the 2011 Christmas show during an intense scene where he delivered a female Marine’s baby in a car back seat during a gun fight, Pauley’s character Abby still got off a few well-timed Christmas quips that made the show cheery.
  3. REASON 3 — Pauley Perrette is a famous humanitarian. When you visit her Twitter page @PauleyP you see she’s a staunch advocate against the civil rights abuse suffered by gays and lesbians. Regularly tweeting to help promote the NO H8 Campaign, she and other [emerging] humanitarians like Louis Van Amstel and Karina Smirnoff from Dancing With The Stars, reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, and fashion designer Christian Siriano (winner of Project Runway) are speaking out for basic human rights; all support gay marriage and the right to love who you love without fear of being hated by anybody.
  4. REASON 4 — She is also a green celebrity. Extra TV reveals, “The active TV star told Extra’s Mario Lopez she’s involved in many projects. “I’m producing and directing a documentary. I’m finishing my record, ‘Stop Making Friends,” Perrette said, adding, “And I work for like 30 charities”…” According to the celebrity gossip website, two of her favorites to endorse are Project Angel Food and The Amanda Foundation for Homeless Animals.” [As cool as she is, we just knew she had to be pet friendly.]
  5. REASON 5 — That girl can fix anything. Not only is Pauley Perrette quick-witted, she’s good with her hands. And power tools. Tweeting a pic of herself holding a power drill (not acting like a sissy girl who can’t take care of her house without a man), she joked, “HA! My dryer broke & I just took it apart & fixed it myself! & THAT’S why they call me “La Femme MAKITA” Five reasons to love Pauley Perrette (TV star who plays Abby on NCIS)  ”. For that reason, it is easy to see why she is considered a role model for women.

Merry Christmas, Pauley… thanks for being who you are and speaking out for so many years in defense of the LGBT community.

Five reasons to love Pauley Perrette (TV star who plays Abby on NCIS)


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Five reasons to love Pauley Perrette (TV star who plays Abby on NCIS)


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