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Was humanitarian Johnny Depp involved in Iggy Pop concert scandal?

December 11th, 2011 at 5:29 pm by Kelly Green Leave a reply »

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction in the entertainment news world. This past week, movie star Johnny Depp — a famous humanitarian — was accused of playing a role in a crime perpetrated against a disabled woman during an Iggy Pop concert.

Was humanitarian Johnny Depp involved in Iggy Pop concert scandal? Famous humanitarian Johnny Depp has used his star power wisely over the years to support a wide variety of charities, including but not limited to the Helen & Douglas House (a charity that helps sick children), Project HOME (a non-profit organization fighting homelessness and against poverty), and the Julian House (a charitable foundation helping to provide services to people without homes in the UK).

The famous actor who starred in movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice In Wonderland, is a man who needs no introduction. Unfortunately, his stardom seems to be the real reason behind him being identified in a police report claiming he is the party responsible for assaulting a handicapped woman at an Iggy Pop concert in LA last week.

In case you are wondering who Iggy Pop is, he’s the aging rocker who was recently compared by Elisabetta Canalis to actress Jennifer Aniston during a celebrity OOPS moment on Twitter. He and Johnny Depp are rumored to be close celebrity friends.

[Eli Canalis retweeted a link that claimed Jennifer Aniston, the woman recently voted the sexiest woman of all time by Men's Health magazine, looks more and more like Iggy Pop every day as she ages.]

Iggy Pop did a special guest appearance earlier in the year on American Idol, helping bring his name back into the mainstream media. He used the press bump wisely to speak out against Canadian baby seal slaughter (getting plugs in wherever he could for the animal rights group PETA).

A noted green celebrity, Iggy Pop has historically been a very chic rock star to follow. A staunch animal rights activist, he’s also done charitable volunteer work over the years. Having volunteered time and money to help organizations like ChildLine, MusiCares, and VH1′s Save The Music Foundation over the years, he’s still one of the coolest rockers in the music industry.

His quirky personality and punk rocker meets California surfer beach vibe is one strange celeb Depp pirate fame and fortune hot or not?” href=”” target=”_blank”>Johnny Depp would surely dig, and his attending a concert at the Palladium theater to hear Iggy Pop sing is what started the entire celebrity scandal rumors to begin with in the press.

TMZ was one of the first rumor mills to report that Johnny Depp was involved in the celebrity scandal. According to their disturbing news report, Depp’s bodyguards put a handicapped woman in the hospital on Thursday night. Their source? A police report filed against the star by the woman in question.

The story goes something like this… Law enforcement sources told TMZ that a 52-year-old woman named Robyn Ecker filed the police report. In it she claimed she was celebrating her husband’s birthday at the Iggy Pop concert in L.A. and bragged she paid for $600-a-pop seats at the Palladium.

The woman (who alleged she is a disabled person) claims the famous actor Johnny Depp was seated right beside her throughout the concert. Surrounded by bodyguards, he was enjoying the show just like she was — only he was not celebrating with such vim and vigor.

TMZ writes, “Ecker claims she was having a blast, dancing her face off … when she accidentally strayed a little too close to Johnny’s table. According to Ecker, Depp’s bodyguards pounced on her out of nowhere — grabbing her wrists and wrestling her to the ground.”

According to the woman, “[As] soon as she regained composure, Ecker says she left and got herself checked out at the hospital.”

Yeah, we bet she did. Nothing screams potential lawsuit than getting drunk and crashing yourself into the lap of someone famous while doing a punk rock jig at an Iggy Pop concert.

TMZ further revealed, “Ecker’s assistant [told] TMZ, Robyn and her party had been drinking during the evening. Law enforcement sources tell us, Robyn appeared wasted when she made the report.”

It is no surprise that attempts to reach Johnny Depp‘s people about the celebrity scandal incident remain unsuccessful. It looks like poor Johnny was at the right place (the Iggy Pop concert) at the wrong time — and played no active part in the alleged crime against the drunk and greedy emotionally handicapped gold digging psychologically impaired opportunistic handi-capable woman.



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Was humanitarian Johnny Depp involved in Iggy Pop concert scandal?


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