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Lindsay Lohan Chanel purse stolen and returned on Hawaiian vacation?

December 11th, 2011 at 4:00 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Lindsay Lohan went on a Christmas vacation to Hawaii where she says her Chanel purse, passport, and oodles of cash have been stolen. TMZ was one of the first to report the robbery. Now what will the star do? Perhaps call Hugh Hefner for a loan. He’s been promoting the sales of her new photo spread in the 2011 Holiday issue of Playboy magazine that he ought to be able to front her a few bucks and hire her a private jet to fly back to the mainland United States whenever she wants to…

Lindsay Lohan Chanel purse stolen and returned on Hawaiian vacation? This weekend, a very quiet and casual Lindsay Lohan was spotted in the flesh taking a breather on the beaches of Hawaii. It looks like she might be there for a while, becasue TMZ is reporting, “Lindsay Lohan’s Hawaii vacation just got a whole lot more stressful [than hiding out from the paparazzi and celeb stalkers] — TMZ has learned, she got her purse stolen last night … containing everything from her passport to tons of cash.”

The purse was allegedly returned by a “helpful local” — missing $10k in cash but with documents pertaining to her probation and her passport there in tact — today following an informal police investigation.

So, if you want to vacation, go celebrity stalking, and compare notes about the real in the flesh LiLo on the beach v. the airbrushed and photo-shopped version, now would be a great time to do it… because she is still in Hawaii on vacation.

More over, websites like TMZ, the National Inquirer, and Radar Online are surely buying sunbathing and bikini pics of the star (even if they are only low resolution ones from camera phones you have handy). They might even give you extra money if she’s caught making angry bird faces or doing something that might get her put on Santa’s naughty list this year.

But if you can’t afford the plane tickets for a Hawaiian get-a-way this Christmas, take Hugh Hefner‘s Twitter rant advice and sign up for their internet po$n version of Playboy magazine. Due to a surging demand from people who want to see pics of the celebrity nude, he’s actually put her Marilyn Monroe celebrity look-alike photos up online — you know… the new ones from the 2011 Holiday issue?

At least by being naughty and peeking at the nudie pics of Lindsay Lohan you can be nice and save some trees by not buying the collectors edition print copy. Our best bet is Hef’s banking on her clocking out early like Marilyn Monroe did so the magazines dramatically escalate in value, but we’ll have to see.

The Hef says he’s also releasing the print version of the magazine to news stands early… for Happy Holidays creepy gift giving.

And for the record (in case you don’t know), Lindsay Lohan and Hugh Hefner are not all bad as star celebs. They both have actually done some good deeds using their star power wisely over the years. [Hef far more than LiLo].

Lindsay Lohan has given her celebrity endorsement to the ONE Campaign (to help end the AIDS epidemic) and supported the Red Cross. She also “volunteers”, albeit by court order, in her local Los Angeles community.

Hugh Hefner is the man whose fortune helps pay for all the upkeep on the world famous Hollywood sign. He also is an animal lover. The Playboy mansion does not just house bunnies. He keeps a veritable 5 star zoo on the property that houses a wide variety of exotic species that his staff helps keep breeding more rapidly than his bevy of twenty something young ladies who entertain guests on the property.Always willing to lend a hand to his girls, it would be no surprise to find out he lends Lindsay Lohan a hand this month by loaning her a private jet of advancing her some fast cash to help her out of the drama surrounding the untimely robbery.



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Lindsay Lohan Chanel purse stolen and returned on Hawaiian vacation?


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