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Demi Moore daughter Scout in nude photo scandal wearing real fur?

December 8th, 2011 at 3:27 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Scout Willis is acting out lately since hearing the news her beloved step father Ashton Kutcher cheated on her celebrity mom Demi Moore with a girl who is just a few years older than her. Posing for a series of pictures while wearing fur and buttless chaps with no underpants, she’s got the attention of the entertainment news bloggers and journalists — but what message is she really sending out about herself to the world?

Demi Moore daughter Scout in nude photo scandal wearing real fur? “Demi Moore‘s failed marriage might be demanding a lot of her attention, but daughter Scout Willis isn’t going to fall through the cracks…” joked US Weekly magazine after getting a hold of a semi-nude photo of a celebrity child barely out of her teens.

US Weekly magazine is showing some pretty risqué photos of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis daughter Scout Willis. The 20-year-old celebrity child is not quite as pretty as her mother, but she certainly is looking just as provocative and daring.

Now a Brown University student full-time, she seems to be acting out since news broke that her famous green celebrity mother is getting a divorce from her husband of 6 years, actor Ashton Kutcher.

When the tabloids got wind that Ashton Kutcher is a cheater with a taste for young women, at first the news was shocking. He is well liked in Hollywood social circles and he and much older wife Demi had just started a foundation that fights against human slave trafficking in the sex industries.

Allegedly, Kutcher picked out a young blonde woman named Sarah Leal and had her and a “friend” escorted by bodyguards back to his hotel suite at a Hard Rock Hotel on the weekend of his 6th anniversary sans Demi.

At that point, the details of the affair became unclear, but allegedly the bodyguards took Sarah Leal’s phone so she could not take pictures of the actor of film the two being intimate. That did not stop her from selling her story to the tabloids, though. As an aspiring actress, Sarah Leal (only in her early twenties) made a pretty penny helping to wreck the marriage of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

Her candid confessions about lovemaking without a condom and their tender night of passion turned the stomach of nearly every married lady. Finding out that Demi and Ashton has been trying for years to have a baby and noting that he would be so reckless with a younger woman broke the heart of everybody who had faith in his affection for his wife and his trustworthy nature as a husband married to a devoted cougar wifey.

Now sickened by the tabloid rumors and the impending divorce of the two star celebs, Demi’s three daughters are all handling the news differently. Daughter Rumer Willis has gotten more tattoos and has turned into a huge party girl (living the lifestyle of the rich, famous, and vacuous). Young sis Tallulah Willis (still a teen) — she’s allegedly not speaking to Ashton. But Scout hopping on the back of a motorcycle while wearing nothing but buttless chaps and a fox fur stole thrown casually over a what looks to be a white leather jacket?

It’s obvious to most parents she is acting out, seeking unhealthy attention from the media and — although beautiful — making herself look cheap in the process due to the inappropriate timing of her actions.

While her famous humanitarian mother never was overwhelmingly bashful about bearing her buff body and showing off her fabulous physique [remember the movie Strip Tease she did with Burt Reynolds, anybody?], she has been so over the top outspoken in recent years about men demoralizing young women in modern society.

US Weekly went on to claim that Scout’s famous mom just recently tweeted a topless photo of herself out on the internet. While they got the quote right (where Demi said sometimes you have to cover your own back), they got the words related to the image wrong.


Because although she appeared to be shirtless, she only showed a photo of her back. There was no flashing of the tata’s in the process as the celebrity gossip website implied.

The most disturbing part of seeing the photo (for us here at Green Celebrity) is not seeing Scout’s bare butt. It’s the fact she’s wearing real fur in the art photo. What was she thinking??? The bad publicity she’s likely to get from PETA once they spot the “Scout Willis Wearing Fur” headlines will be enormous.

Had she elected to pose nude for a PETA ad, her pictures would have made wonderful tabloid press headlines. Instead, the pics make people feel sorry for her and her father Bruce Willis (who can’t be thinking it is cool to be having everyone look at his daughters bum and has to feel sad for the heartache of his ex-wife Demi Moore in the process).

Other famous star celebs who have posed without their clothes recently for a good cause include Pamela Anderson, Khloe Kardashian, and Elisabetta Canalis (who all posed nude for PETA to promote animal welfare and to fight the fur industry).

Find out more about the DNA Foundation, the non-profit organization founded by green celebrities Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher before their celebrity split. Want to help? Share this link on facebook and Twitter and ask your friends and family to send a donation to help end child sex trafficking. Want to tell Scout how you feel about her wearing real fur? Pop a note about her photo shoot over to @peta or share this article with the hashtag #PETA to get this article noticed.


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Demi Moore daughter Scout in nude photo scandal wearing real fur?


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