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Celebrity OOPS: Scotty McCreery, Avril Lavigne caught doing bad lip sync

November 28th, 2011 at 7:48 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Two of the hottest young star celebs in music news were roasted for messing up their lines while lip synching during the 2011 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Are people being too hard on them for missing their cue?

Celebrity OOPS: Scotty McCreery, Avril Lavigne caught doing bad lip sync Scotty McCreery might have won American Idol for his outstanding singing voice, but when it comes to lip synching a tune he’s only winning awards for celebrity OOPS. Avril Lavigne might be one of the cutest young singers ever to top the pop music charts, but she seems to be a real turkey when it comes to lip syncing on cue.

During the 85th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade not one but both young stars messed up their lyrics when they were prompted to sing on cue. Their music was pre-recorded and was supposed to have blasted out to the live crowd while television cameras shot close up footage of the singers.

In the video clip of Scotty McCreery, you can see pretty clearly that he really goofed. His timing to start mouthing the words to his song were totally off.

ABC News reported, “As his song, “The Trouble with Girls” began, following an introduction by “Today’s” Matt Lauer, the country star didn’t have his mouth open in song, or the microphone near his face as his recorded voice came streaming out of the loud speakers.”

OOPS. Not a good review for an up and coming country music singer or star celebrity.

In the other video clip of Avril Lavigne, she also missed her cue. While she rode on a giant turkey parade float that advertised the cooking channel during the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, her goose was cooked. Lavigne made the same mistake during her rendition of the song “Wish You Were Here.”

The television show American Idol is one of the most fun reality television programs to watch, especially if you like to support shows that give back every season to charity benefits. The Idol contestants and winners like Scotty regularly do charity performances that benefit a wide variety of non-profit organizations. Scotty, for instance, participated with competitor Lauren Alaina in the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge. He also regularly signs memorabilia items that can be auctioned off to raise money for those in need.

Avril Lavigne is also known for using her star power wisely. She’s given her celebrity endorsement to a variety of humanitarian organizations like the political refugee group Amnesty International, the children’s charity called Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Prince’s Trust — a group that helps troubled teens in the UK get their lives on track with the promise of a brighter future.

Are people being too hard on the young up and coming stars for not being able to lip sync like professionals? Here at Green Celebrity Network we think so and here’s why…

Scotty McCreery and Avril Lavigne are both naturally talented stars. They don’t need to rely on voice overs or high-tech recordings to make their voices sound good or to really impress a crowd.

Because so many singers these day make great albums with the help of recording studios (who fix their pitchy tunes and give them back up singers and remixed vocal support), both McCreery and Lavigne are two star celebs you could see live in person. If they took the stage with nothing but a guitar and a working mike, their acts would most likely sound spot-on perfect.

[Scotty had some unexpected problems singing to a huge crowd recently when a microphone was not properly working.]

That perfect pitch, performing ease and grace might be the root of their problem: because they don’t need to lip sync on stage while performing their songs, neither one of them is any good at doing it.

And before anyone asks — no… they are NOT dating.


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Celebrity OOPS: Scotty McCreery, Avril Lavigne caught doing bad lip sync


Kae Davis, host of Green Celebrity Network, is a civic minded adrenaline junkie and pop culture historian. Writing about celebrities going green is her passion. Sharing good news and helping promote small businesses and non-profit organizations by grass roots marketing is her specialty.

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