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Did Lauren Alaina make Scotty McCreery botch lip sync? (Video)

November 26th, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Celebrity OOPS! While fans of American Idol winner Scotty McCreery want to think young singers never lip sync to any of their own tunes, during the 2011 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade all the stars have to mouth the words to pre-recorded songs. McCreery is getting roasted all over the internet this holiday weekend for botching his lyrics. What is worse about the incident is some mean McCreery enthusiasts who never actually saw the parade are actually blaming Lauren Alaina for it.

Did Lauren Alaina make Scotty McCreery botch lip sync? (Video) Missing his cue to sing on live TV and being video taped in front of the rumored 3.5 million Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade attendees, American Idol winner Scotty McCreery simply showed fans and fellow high school students one thing; he’s human. And maybe even a teenage boy who can be distracted by *gasp* a pretty girl who is paying a little too much attention to him. But was Lauren Aliana really to blame for Scotty messing up his lyrics as some fans have suggested in comment rumors?

Singing in parades that are televised can be a tough thing. You’ve got a need for back up music, for one thing. Complicate the matter with stereo effects never working well in an outdoor environment and you have a real sound check mess. Add in a need to have precision timing in a voice over lip sync setting, you have a recipe for entertainment news disaster. For McCreery, who was participating in the 85th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, the Manhattan madness seems to have gotten the best of him.

While some fans are saying he was too busy worrying about former competitor Lauren Alaina (the girl who took second place but never played second fiddle to McCreery on his American Idol season), they make it hard not to think the female singer was involved in making her champion miss his mark. That is, unless you actually watched the celebrity OOPS moment happen (of course). Then it is pretty clear people connecting the dots and blaming her are actually full of it.

Aliana has been accused of hoping to rise to fame on the coat tails of the North Carolina high school musical icon. When he won American Idol, she kissed him in a very familiar way, leaving America with the impression that 1) he and she had already been intimate and 2) that Scotty would not be single for another day.

While rumors swirled in the rumor mills that the two teen scene celebs were dating, McCreery said no way. He claimed he never dated his reality TV co-star and that the two were not an item. When asked about their teenage romance, Lauren Alaina refused to deny she was involved with him and told the press a coy, “Ask him…” when questioned about the intimate details of their relationship.

Pairing them together all the time on stage [leading to them being connected by the rumor mills errant at the Macy's Day Parade] really has not amped his star power much the past year. Actually, her name being beside his all the time with the press in a Faith Hill and Tim McGraw sort of way has only stopped his career from taking off in a huge way.

If Scotty McCreery could get American Idol producers and entertainment news sources to promote him solo and let her go on her own way more — backed strictly by Nashville at these big public events — then the news machine could really have a winner in him.

Because he is a teen scene celeb, little girls across the country want to know McCreery is single and available to croon love songs just to them. At least they want to daydream about it. If he settles for dating Lauren Alaina because she was the first girl he met in Hollywood who has fully thrown herself at him, he might be missing out on future romances with nicer girls and more promising stars.

While being a celebrity couple in Hollywood has the perks of getting you lots of free press, a bad romance can leave your career a hot mess. Publicity from dating someone can make or break you in Hollywood — just look at aspiring actress Sarah Leal who just outed Ashton Kutcher for cheating on his charitable philanthropist wife Demi Moore with her. She’s young, pretty, blonde, and unlikely to be hired by anyone other than Vivid Entertainment now. Or Michelle Bombshell McGee — the tattoo model thought she would get rich and famous by outing Jesse James and breaking up his marriage to Sandra Bullock. When Sandy won an Oscar for her role in The Blindside, McGee decided she was simply too jealous of the romance between the husband and wife to keep his dalliance secrets private.

While Lauren Alaina is not man-stealing Scotty McCreery, she is messing with a perceived innocence the young man has about him. His is the same problem Justin Bieber has — because we (as collective Americans) know he was an unspoiled innocent, even Selena Gomez (the darling Disney princess and green celebrity who does so much humanitarian volunteer work for UNICEF) has caught flack for dating him.

While Scotty seems to be a bright light and pure, Lauren has never looked innocent.

And that perceived predatory element of her nature works against both of them. But this time, the celebrity not-a-couple were no where near one another when he messed up!

So, the bottom line in the rumor mills comes down to this… was her flirting with Scotty McCreery the reason he missed his cue to simulate singing live in front of millions on national television during the 2011 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or not?

Watch for yourself, but bottom line — we don’t see it. More over and quite frankly, she was (again) no where near him. Seeing the botch in real time on live TV then watching the instant video replay on YouTube makes it look like he simply was a step behind on his timing– something that was perhaps the result of a faulty ear piece?

The strange part is that this is not the first time an American Idol country music star has messed up a lip sync, song pitch, or lyric lines during a live performance when they were out somewhere acting as an ambassador for the organization.

McCreery also goofed during the Star Spangled Banner during baseball’s World Series says one source — with another noting he had to start again to stay on key. Alaina flubbed the National Anthem at the Thanksgiving Day Lions/Packers game according to another — on the same day the video clip above was taken in NYC. Both celebrity OOPS (alas) got their names connected to one another yet again in headlines written by both mainstream and celeb gossip press. However, he seems to be catching far m ore flack that she is because he messed up the lip sync during his parade performance.

The irony is, young 18-year-old Scotty is most famous for being able to perform live. If these organizations would just give the boy a mic and let him sing without forcing him to lip sync, we bet he could start a new trend of elevating people with real talent and great voices to the top of the pop music charts and all the country music scenes.

For that reason, we’re giving props to him for trying to do his best and making faces at those who claim she’s the one to blame for the parade staff sound people messing things up for him and causing the embarrassing celebrity OOPS moment.


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Did Lauren Alaina make Scotty McCreery botch lip sync? (Video)


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