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Dancing With The Stars: Shocking Winner and Biggest Losers of Season 13

November 22nd, 2011 at 11:00 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Who won Season 13 of Dancing With The Stars? The shocking winners and biggest losers of DWTS 2011 revealed. SPOILER ALERT …

Who won Season 13 of Dancing With The Stars? Rob Kardashian, the spoiled brat born into a famous family of Kardashian Sisters, turned out to be a crowd favorite underdog. Named the most improved dancer in the competition, he stunned everyone by making it to the final round. Ricki Lake, talk show host, was the judges favorite over the long haul — but her scores with them were not enough to win her the heart of the crowd. JR Martinez, a soldier and burn victim with oodles of charm, has a special ability to light up the ballroom. Who won DWTS? The shocking winner and biggest losers of DWTS 2011 are revealed on Green Celebrity Network.

The Real Winners of Season 13

  1. Rob Kardashian — The boy who emerged from the shadows of his famous family to become a man… that was the spin room angle the cast and crew of DWTS Season 13 gave as an explanation why the reality television star known for being a loser in the eyes of his famous Kardashian sisters turned out (regardless of scores) to be a winner. Dancing with pro Cheryl Burke, Kardashian emerged from under her wing as a stronger, gentler, more refined man. While still covered with boyish tattoos, when dressed in suits (instead of basketball shorts and sweats) he looked like an adult — a gentleman, almost.
  2. JR Martinez — The military hero and actor from All My Children went off time in the finals, disappointing himself and the judges in his first round dance. But, he earned every point of the 10-10-10 score he got from Judges Len, Bruno, and Carrie Anne in his freestyle dance with Karina Smirnoff. Fans presumed he would emerge the winner because he’d have all the military votes. Little did they know that Kardashian son would give him a run for his money in the voter polls. JR was really nervous — because Kim Kardashian tweeted a fake telephone number out while claiming it belonged to none other that green teen scene celebrity Justin Bieber. Instead of sharing the pop musician’s number, she told people to call Rob’s voter number. Her actions (which surely she knew was a form of cheating by proxy) totally skewed the voting results all season. Fortunately for Rob [but unluckily for JR], he progressed as a dancer all season. Thanks to the help of his famous family and his dance pro, Rob Kardashian emerged as JR’s strongest contender in the viewer polls. However, JR’s strong Jive (re-worked over from a Lindy Hop to please the judges) was so cute and so much fun, it was easy to see — the most charismatic dancer to watch during DWTS Season 13 was JR Martinez. No matter what the judges or Kim Kardashian‘s mignon fan base had to say about it.
  3. Ricki Lake — The Hairspray musical actress made famous by John Waters while she was still an overweight teenager showed up her own talk show stint by losing a ton of weight and being the most consistent dancer on DWTS Season 13. She and dance pro Derek Hough were popular from day one with the phone in voters and the judges. For most of the season, she gave JR Martinez a run for his money on the dance floor and danced circles around Rob Kardashian. There was never any real doubt whether or not she would make it to the final round. However, with the surge of popularity of Rob Kardashian (who really did work hard learning to dance without having the natural ability advantage she did) whether or not she would land [albeit unexpectedly] in third place. When she did her Psycho dance, the judges loved it — but Rob came out and did his Foxtrot with Cheryl and everyone watching had the same feeling: look out! That is, until, the judges placed her in the lead heading into the final round with 84 points, JR with 83, and Rob with 82 by the 9:40 mark. But, in a shocking turn of events, she and Derek Hough were sent home. Her final place? Third despite the judges scoring her the highest in nearly all the rounds. The best part of the competition for her was working with Derek — who helped her lose weight, inspired her to have self-confidence, and really brought her smile around.

The Biggest Losers of the 2011 DWTS Season

  1. Chaz Bono — Wow. Chaz Bono really tanked on Dancing With The Stars. No one could understand how the daughter-turned-son of Cher could be so overweight and have any sort of problem dancing, but he did. Bad knees were a culprit, said the star. However, it was actually bad news from the judges that did him in. Bruno seemed to be uncomfortable with Chaz; he tried to mask being uncomfortable by making cute allegorical references about how cute Chaz looked on the dance floor. Note to judges: telling the heaviest and shortest contestant on the show they look like a penguin in a tuxedo on the ballroom dance floor will not win the show any positive press. While Chas and Lacey needed to go, there was no call for mean comments that made fun of the star.
  2. Elisabetta Canalis — She lost boyfriend George Clooney then totally tanked on Dancing With The Stars. The likelihood the controlling and moody Italian beauty will be an American sensation without a famous Hollywood man on her arm is slimmer than the swimsuit model’s 10-year-old-boy looking hips. While she got some good press posing naked for PETA in another “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” animal rights advertisement, her partnership with new dance pro Val (the brother of Maks) was so contentious than the fan votes for her boring dances simply were not there.
  3. Chyna Phillips — So beautiful, yet so dull still. The lovely pop music singer might be a spitfire off the dance floor, but the bride of Billy Baldwin simply forgot her moves to the hit movie theme song for Mission Impossible. Looking stellar in her red dress on finale night, she actually completed the dance with the help of dance pro Tony Dovolani… you remember, the one she forgot all the steps in front of a live studio and on cam?
  4. Kristen Cavallari — Ummm… who? The reality TV star was not pretty enough to beat any of the stars, really. Actually, she made no impression whatsoever on DWTS viewers. Her lack of charisma wiped out she and partner Mark Ballas early on.
  5. Nancy Grace — Who knew the toughest talking prosecutor turned Hollywood gossip crime examiner had such incredible fans? Week after week she lived a Cinderella story dancing with partner Tristan MacManis. She actually made us all like her a little bit for her willingness to train and keep dancing. Far better to watch on the dance floor than reality TV star Kate Gosselin had ever been, show fans were delighted to have the chance to get to see the new dance pro both teach and lead. +1 to the Irish — DWTS fans are the ones who feel we got the luck of the draw watching his first season. [He'll be the next Derek Hough should the show producers choose to partner him with a real dance talent... but for now, he was her saving grace all season.]
  6. Carson Kressley — He might have lost the war, but the LGBT spokesperson and fun fashion designer absolutely won the hearts of all the cast, crew, and most of the show’s fans in his battle to delight. Fun, bright, and always entertaining, he’s the DWTS loser we hope will be a special guest host helping with costume design and doing impromptu interviews with competitors as the show goes on. Hopefully, he will continue to train as a dancer with Anna as time goes on — and might even get a little floor time in with Maksim before the next season is a go. C’mon lets VOGUE! There’s always the after party…
  7. Hope Solo — Hope and Maks fought all season long, and when the time came for her to go home she and Maksim made up. Then, the judges felt her wrath. The Olympic Gold Medalist was the biggest disappointment of the season on Dancing With The Stars — not because she could not dance and didn’t win. Folks were distraught at her poor sportsmanship. And Maks… what in the world was he thinking, telling off Len on camera then claiming the show was only successful because of him? Everyone in the world will be surprised if he stays on as part of the cast next season or ever gets a talented celebrity dance partner cast with him again. Eliminated one week shy of the finals, everyone clapped. Then, in a snit reported as her crying too hard to guest star, she and Maks stood up Jimmy Kimmel — putting everyone else on the spot and leaving all the other finalists in the tough timing position of needing to show up for some impromptu celebrity interview time with him to fill the spot on late night television. In that moment, Twitter fans tweeting and re-tweeting the #DWTS hashtag went nuts saying they wished she would have been there to burn her dancing shoes. All in all, her contribution to the show and Hollywood culture was a total bummer (at least on a superficial level).
  8. David Arquette — What can anybody really say about the spastic ex-husband of Friends star Courteney Cox? He’s an actor, a producer, and now can say he’s a dancer. David and Kym Johnson tried their best but his hyperactivity caused him to jump too far ahead of the time during dances. While energetic and clearly interested in being an entertainer, people who watch the show every season were (for the most part) glad to see the early crowd favorite who was predicted to win get beaten by guys like Rob Kardashian and JR Martinez. The best part about his celebrity appearance? Out in the audience watching and cheering him on was Gen X icon Paul Reubens. The man known for his schtick as Pee Wee Herman on television, the big screen as a movie actor, and now as successful Broadway performer says he would love to dance on the show next season. Will we see the famous Arquette brother in the audience cheering him on in the future? We hope so! Reubens is known for his ability to play fun characters, so it is likely each and every dance would allow him to be what he really is (at heart) — a fabulous storyteller.

And the shocking winner of Dancing With The Stars 2011 (Season 13) Mirror Ball Trophy was… JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff!!! Not Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke!!! Reality TV popularity won’t bring home the Mirror Ball Trophy for the Kardashians.

Dancing With The Stars: Shocking Winner and Biggest Losers of Season 13

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Dancing With The Stars: Shocking Winner and Biggest Losers of Season 13


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