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Did Mariah Yeater finally admit child not Biebs baby, baby, baby?

November 16th, 2011 at 6:45 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

TMZ is reporting Mariah Yeater, the girl who claims she committed statutory rape of Justin Bieber and he fathered her child in the process, has dropped her paternity lawsuit against the star.

Did Mariah Yeater finally admit child not Biebs baby, baby, baby? Has single mother Mariah Yeater finally admitted her four-month old son is not Justin Bieber‘s baby, baby, baby? Not yet — but she has dropped the paternity suit she filed against the singer. What’s more, the law firm that was representing her in the claim against the famous humanitarian teen has dropped her as a client entirely.

According to TMZ, legal adult Yeater dropped all paternity claims against the teenage star. While she has not yet come out and told the truth (that she most likely made the entire story up as a cover story for why she was pregnant and did not know which person the father was), her claims against the Biebs — on the surface — look false.

Here’s the link to what Hollywood life had to say about him: Justin Bieber legal team going after Mariah Yeater

But there’s a hitch — there are still some claims Bieber is still planning to force a paternity test so he can pay child support if he is the father. Which, is rather hilarious — because he swears he has never met the mother.

MTV News reports, “Chicago attorney Jeffrey Leving told MTV News that the suit is, technically, off but that negotiations are happening behind-the-scenes for a settlement.” He’s a new attorney who claims to have been involved with Yeater from the start but was not a part of the legal team from LA who has chosen to drop her as a client.

“We are still pursuing a DNA test and … if it’s positive, our desire for child support is still active,” said Leving, who confirmed that a motion to dismiss the paternity action was filed November 9 in San Diego. “We could refile the paternity case tomorrow if we wanted, but we are attempting to settle the case out of court.”

Of course you could file, Mr. Leving… but really, big guy — other than to make yourself famous at this troubled youn lady’s expense, why?

Bieber’s good deeds for charity were overshadowed almost entirely by Yeater going public to the tabloids claiming he was the father of her infant son. He was just in the process of releasing a Christmas album when she filed a lawsuit against him and asked the courts order him to take a paternity test.

When Justin Bieber called her bluff and agreed to take the test without demand, it took her about a week to wise up.

You see, our bet is she thought Biebs would refuse to take the test and that a judge would never make him do it because there were too many witnesses. That would make it her word against his — and the story that she conceived the baby in a men’s bathroom would have left an element of plausible “he could have ” — because he could have gone to potty by himself. Right? That would leave the thirty seconds of making whoopie she claims they did when she popped his teenie bopper cherry after a concert at the Staples Center something she could leave open as a possibility in the minds of those people who knew her personally.

Fortunately, Justin Bieber is a no-nonsense and street smart sort of kid. By agreeing to submit to the paternity test, he backed Yeater into a corner (pushing her legally against a metaphoric stall wall). While his legal team might have encouraged him to do it, he himself had to be the one to come out of the water closet to say yes, take the genetic sample… and let’s do this! He was clear and direct with the press that there was no way the baby was his, that he had never even met the woman, and he was hopeful that the extra attention he was getting over the tabloid-incited lawsuit would help him bring more attention to the very real fact a portion of the proceeds from his Christmas album would be going to assist food bank charities.

So, while Mariah Yeater still has not said (as of the time of this publication) that she lied and made the whole thing up to make herself famous and to earn money, it looks like the baby-face Biebs is off the hook related to paying child support or splitting up with darling green celebrity Selena Gomez because over a groupie filing a lawsuit for paternity. Guess he won’t need to put a child’s car seat in the back of the new Range Rover he just bought after all.

All that is left to discuss now is how he can prove she slandered him, the tabloid she sold her story to printed libel, and how much money he should ask for in a civil suit against the folks who backed her going after him for cash.

Watch a celebrity interview with Justin Beiber where he denies being the father of her child in the video below.

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Did Mariah Yeater finally admit child not Biebs baby, baby, baby?


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