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Will Kim Kardashian invite cast of Twilight to her New Years Eve Party?

November 15th, 2011 at 12:05 am by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Holiday news related to Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Will newly single Kim K throw a New Years Eve bash to make her post divorce from Kris Humphries comeback? Why wasn’t she there to watch her brother Rob Kardashian dance in the semi-final round of Dancing With The Stars 2011? Will she invite the cast and crew of Twilight Breaking Dawn to her Las Vegas bash?

Will Kim Kardashian invite cast of Twilight to her New Years Eve Party? What do you do for New Year’s Eve if you’re rich, famous, and recently single? If you’re Kim Kardashian, you go party it up in Las Vegas. Us Magazine reported that Kim Kardashian will be hosting a party at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas this New Year’s Eve. Presumably she won’t be snuggling up to ex Kris Humphries when the clock strikes midnight. But does she have another pair of lips in mind?

Kim Kardashian hosted a New Year’s Eve party at the same location last year. Apparently TAO nightclub is like a second home for the reality television star celeb when she’s in Vegas. But last year, she wasn’t just recently single. Last year, brother Rob Kardashian was there with her. And last year, she wasn’t debuting a new single (“Turn It Up”). This year, she’s keeping to herself and Rob will be hosting his own party at Tryst Nightclub in Vegas. And if she does decide to debut another New Year’s Eve single, hopefully it will be worthy of better reviews than the last one. How much punishment can one girl take over the holidays?

All this trouble for Kim, and sister Kendall Jenner celebrates her Sweet 16 with a brand new Range Rover. Ouch. Surely the star celeb was as happy for her little sister as anyone, but it had to be a little bit painful watching Kendall celebrate over the weekend while everything in Kim’s world seemed to be falling apart. Kim attended the birthday party, but she remained out of the spotlight. So Kim has decided to lie low for the time being. At least until New Year’s Eve.

No wonder she didn’t attend Rob’s Dancing with the Stars performance Monday.

According to Life & Style, Kim has been too upset to go out in front of all the cameras and deal with the attention. Nevertheless, a source said she’d be voting by phone as many times and as often as she could, and she tweeted her support for brother Rob. Curious, however, is the fact that she had time for filming of The Wedding Counselor, which set she was spotted leaving in Atlanta on Sunday, according to Perez Hilton. Is she just avoiding family, following the split with Kris?

Our best guess is that reality TV star Kim Kardashian did not blow off seeing her brother dance in the Semi-Finals of Dancing With The Stars 2011 because she was party planning. She and sister Khloe Kardashian actually attended the premier of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. But with the holidays fast approaching, you can bet she was busy networking on the red carpet to figure out her guest list… including deciding who will get that lucky New Years Eve kiss!

Whatever the case, Kim Kardashian reportedly will be keeping quiet over the next six weeks. What that means for the party she’ll host at TAO in Vegas is anyone’s guess. Will she have a pair of lips to kiss when the clock strikes on New Year’s Eve? Will she have something even more exciting for us? Surely she deserves something better for next year after this year’s catastrophes. Then again, she might want to start with her own resolutions now.

As for Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke’s performance November 14th on Dancing With The Stars? Let’s put it this way… rumors are that without the military fans phoning in tremendous support for JR Martinez, that Kim K’s younger brother stands a real chance to win the next Mirror Ball Trophy thanks to his famous Kardashian sisters Twitter support.

Now, let’s hope the philanthropist pulls a smart move and invited the entire cast and film production crew that worked on the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn movie to her Las Vegas party for New Years eve. Knowing her, she’d love the attention having famous people at her party would bring her while she and her sisters party down.


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Will Kim Kardashian invite cast of Twilight to her New Years Eve Party?


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