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Britney Spears considering plastic surgery now that she is over 30?

November 9th, 2011 at 11:06 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Guess those ultra-low rise jeans are not too flattering after the age of sweet 16 and after two babies, eh Britney? In Touch magazine is reporting the Disney princess is considering plastic surgery alternatives to correct her sagging curves and swelling belly. Sadly, the best thing that could happen is if she actually had the operations and the surgeon botched them — otherwise, the pop tart is only serving as a bad example for young girls who loved her but are now maturing.

Britney Spears considering plastic surgery now that she is over 30? Pop music singer Britney Spears made a big comeback on tour, but the past year her weight has been a struggle. She started out her latest concert tour fit and trim but life on the road and eating fast food snacks seem to have gotten the better of the celebrity mom. Her belly bump looks more like she’s smuggling cheeseburgers than being pregnant — but still. The singer is going to be 30-years-old on December 2nd of 2011. Still unmarried and having had to resort to doing a lap dance for Jersey Shore star Pauley-D on camera in front of a packed audience to get the media to pay attention to her antics, her star light has not been shining as bright lately.

Spears, who once lost custody of her celebrity kids to Kevin Federline, has not used her star power wisely. First, she made low-rise jeans that droop down to the crotch fashionable for per-pubescent teens to wear (to the chagrin of parents everywhere). Then, she made the ultra-low-rise jean look become the norm for juniors and even misses sizes. Now, battling the belly bump and the muffin top struggles herself, she’s starting to realize that while the coin slot look from behind her jeans might have been cute on her in the 90s that she’s starting to look like every other woman fighting to wear clothes that are both trendy and flattering.

Perhaps rather than resorting to having plastic surgery to correct her troublesome curves, Spears could actually start wearing clothes that accentuate her figure in ways that are flattering. Try wearing jeans that actually come up to your natural waist, Brit — the fit and feel of rockin’ mom jeans is amazing.

No more getting into a cold or hot car then jumping and screaming as the leather hits your back (even if it does make your kids laugh out loud)… no more struggling to pull down shirts when you sit down in a room full of people while trying in vain to cover your butt crack so you don’t embarrass your boyfriend.

The bottom line, pun intended, scary news about Britney Spears turning 30 is not that we’re growing old as women familiar with her songs and work. It’s that we’re growing up and she hasn’t yet. She’s hanging on to her wayward teen image and sporting ugly giant stripper shoes, micro-mini skirts, and spandex tight types of crotch-rider jeans that continue to make her look hooker-ish while setting a negative fashion trend for everyone under 40.

Let’s hope she will wise up, grow a social conscience, and raises up the waistline of her pants. She should try to look more lady-like as a mother and bring her fashion sense into the 21st century before the surgeons start the knife-wielding. There is nothing uglier than scars from a botched liposuction — except maybe the attitude of a woman who thrives on getting negative attention from everybody (rather than choosing to use her star power wisely to promote positive body image and help out charities).

But that’s just one humble celebrity gossip writers opinion. What do you think about Britney Spears as a fashion icon now that she’s out of her teens and twenties? Do her fashion choices still cause a celebrity scandal?


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Britney Spears considering plastic surgery now that she is over 30?


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