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No sex tape, rehab for Kim Kardashian after split from Kris Humphries?

November 9th, 2011 at 7:35 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

What… no sex tape or celebrity rehab visit from reality television star Kim Kardashian over stress from filing for divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries? Star magazine says yes to both, but Gossip Cop says no. Talk about a juicy celebrity scandal!

No sex tape, rehab for Kim Kardashian after split from Kris Humphries? The Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marriage might be a huge joke, but according to Gossip Cop the rumors the reality television star has broken down over the stress of her divorce and a threat to leak a sex tape are a total hoax.

Star Magazine claimed Kim K is suffering manic-depression health symptoms and that her family is urging her to get help. Gossip cop, known for busting “bad dish” thinks the claims from the Star’s inside source is truly a joke.

While green celebrity Kim (who is known for her devotion to charity benefit work for organizations like the Skin Cancer Foundation) might be bummed out about her divorce and hurt by all the bad press she is generating for herself and her family right now, she is clearly responding in an emotional way that appears to be normal. She’s got that haunted ghost look in her eyes. She cut her trip to Australia short and flew to freezing cold Minnesota to talk face to face with her estranged basketball beau Kris Humphries. And, to date, Humphries has not even hinted that he might disparage Kim by leaking a wedding night sex tape to the press. All he’s really admitted so far is that the news she actually filed for divorce 72 days into their celebrity marriage has left him feeling emotionally devastated.

So which tabloid gossip is the correct version?

Somehow, it intuitively feels like both Star Mag and Gossip Cop are right. The most famous of the Kardashian sisters really could benefit from talking to a paid professional, if for no other reason than anything discussed would have to remain confidential or the therapist (or shrink) could lose their license to practice.

Going through a divorce is painful and confusing for normal people — and embarrassing enough as it is when you have to explain in 60 seconds or less to family, business professionals who knew you as half a power couple, and friends why you split. Add the pressure of getting married and filing for divorce so quickly on reality television and you have yourself one hot mess.

Right now — that hot mess appears to be philanthropist Kim.

So, while Star might have been stretching the truth of their claims, Gossip Cop also might be proclaiming the news 100% false too quick. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle — someplace between Kris Jenner‘s egotistical ambitions to our-shine her celebrity daughter’s divorce with her new book by gossiping on air with reporters about her daughter’s dilemma and Khloe Kardashian being the one daughter of the pack that seems to really have found true love with her husband — the Mr. Right of NBA players to date, Lamar Odom.

[He looks like he truly loves her.]

If Kim Kardashian would go public and admit she’s getting counseling for her problems, she could help men and women everywhere overcome both the stigma of going through a painful divorce while encouraging people everywhere not to be embarrassed about talking with mental health professionals.

That could turn this entire joke of a marriage from tragedy into a successful teaching moment thanks to reality television.


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No sex tape, rehab for Kim Kardashian after split from Kris Humphries?


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