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Movie star turned model Megan Fox makes Broadway debut for charity

November 4th, 2011 at 2:10 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Pet friendly actress and humanitarian movie star Megan Fox is headed to Broadway. She will be making her debut on stage at a charity benefit theater event. The movie star turned Armani underwear model has long been criticized for having no acting talent on-screen. Will she be better as a live performance actress? One can only dare to dream…

Movie star turned model Megan Fox makes Broadway debut for charity Megan Fox, 25, the sexy starlet now best known for her role in Transformers (2007), is heading to Broadway. She’ll be making a theater debut at The 24 Hour Plays at the American Airlines Theatre in New York City on November 14. It’s an annual presentation to help benefit charity.

CNN reports that The 24 Hour Plays will feature 24 star celeb actors and actresses, six writers, six directors, and two musical guests. These folks along with a production staff then will have 24 hours to rehearse, thus the name: The 24 Hour Plays. Each play will be roughly ten minutes in length, giving the Hollywood stars ample time to garner an abundance of live studio audience turned theater goer applause.

And you thought she was just pretty and Hollywood star celebs needed weeks of out takes to learn their lines properly… ha.

Alongside Megan Fox, other star celebs to appear for the first time on Broadway include comedienne and actress Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Tracy Morgan from 30 Rock, Academy Award nominee Gabourey Sidibe, and Golden Globe and Academy Award nominee Jesse Eisenberg of The Social Network (2010) fame as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

CNN also noted, “”24 Hour Plays” veterans participating this year include Jason Biggs, Woody Harrelson, Julia Stiles and John Krasinski.”

The 24 Hour Plays benefits the Urban Arts Partnership, an organization that helps to provide an arts education for public school students who might not have an opportunity to explore arts in schools in their neighborhoods. In addition to being a Megan Fox Broadway debut, the November 14, 2011, showing will be the tenth anniversary production of The 24 Hour Plays.

Movie star turned model Megan Fox makes Broadway debut for charity But who is Megan Fox, you might ask (if you have been living under a rock these past ten years)? Her biggest role to date was in the nerdy Sci-Fi movie series Transformers.

Hired for her looks — not her acting talent (allegedly) — Megan Fox is an admitted fan of comic books and video games. Her inner nerd tendencies could be the reason the Transformers role appealed to her.

As an up and coming star celeb, Fox (who keeps a household of rescue animals as pets) is a considered green celebrity. She has also used her star power wisely to advocate for charity efforts involving helping children.

In a bit of a tomboy charity move, in line with her mechanic character from Transformers, she supports Racing for Kids, a charity that uses the popularity of motorsports to bring attention to the healthcare needs of children. Race car drivers visit children’s hospitals to pose for pictures, sign autographs, and generally brighten the days of sick kids.

Megan Fox (of course) will also be part of the artists charity effort of The 24 Hour Plays. Tickets to see her and the other green celebrities live performance in New York City will cost guests $250 each.


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Movie star turned model Megan Fox makes Broadway debut for charity


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