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Demi Moore skinny celebrity diet secrets outed by Joan Rivers?

October 19th, 2011 at 5:42 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Actress Demi Moore has gotten painfully thin since news her younger husband has a taste for sleeping with women who are barely legal and basically the same age as her daughters. Doing her best to hold her head up high through infidelity rumors and a painful divorce, the stress of the ordeal has been eating away at her. Was she trying to lose weight on an extreme celebrity diet or did she loose too much weight on accident? Whatever the case, she’s been outed by Fashion Police talk show host Joan Rivers (who we suspect is trying to help the actress get a handle on this and be inspired to eat something quick).

Poor actress Demi Moore. She is a lovely green celebrity who has consistently used her star power for good supporting a wide variety of charity benefits and causes over the years that range from humanitarian interests in stopping human slave trading to promoting community awareness about breast cancer. Lately, her name has been featured in the headlines of all the entertainment journals and tabloids because her younger husband and new star replacement for actor Charlie Sheen on the hit series Two And A Half Men Ashton Kutcher was outed as an alleged cheater. Now, Fashion Police host and comedienne Joan Rivers is taking swipes at the star for being too skinny.

TMZ reported the scary health and fitness news about the famous Hollywood actress, saying,

Demi Moore looked to be in desperate need of a good meal when she hit the N.Y. premiere of her new movie last night … and according to Joan Rivers, it’s because Demi BARELY ate anything on her flight in from L.A.

Joan was on the same flight as Demi … and after she got off the plane, Rivers sold out her co-passenger to the paparazzi … telling them that all Demi ate on the 6-hour flight was an apple … and some water.

Was Joan Rivers out of line to point out by implication that the gaunt looking fifty something celebrity really looks like she is in need of a few good meals to regain the once luscious curves in her figure?

Demi Moore skinny celebrity diet secrets outed by Joan Rivers? True fans who love Demi Moore think that while the comments about the actress might have been harsh, they really hit home because of the truth in them.

In a day and age where thin is not necessarily in, health and fitness is

Because Demi is most likely under enormous stress right now and feeling ashamed at how Ashton Kutcher may or may not have treated her when he headed out to the club without her to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary alone, women understand how hard it is to eat. Some call it the “Divorce Diet” effect (when a woman loses weight because she is upset about a troubled romance). Others simply say the celebrity is failing to do what is best for herself because she is hurt, upset, and depressed.

Like a teen with an inferiority complex, because she is feeling insecure and may be experiencing a bit of self-loathing for having been humiliated so easily by Kutcher she may simply be starving herself in an attempt to control the way she feels about herself. More over, she may think she’s making herself look better by getting super skinny to compete with the 23-year-old blonde and aspiring actress Sarah Leal who claims he cheated, not realizing that the thin look will age her far more quickly.

Now, more than ever, the Hollywood movie star needs to force herself to eat a healthy diet that will keep her nutrition and caloric levels at a place where her body can endure the tension in her life more gracefully. If she fails to eat properly, what will happen is she’ll continue to lose weight, her skin will lose its natural glow, her beautiful long brown hair will start to fall out and appear more thin, and even her nails will start to break and crack more. Eventually, her immune system will become more easily compromised and she’ll start to feel sick and weak more than she does emotionally already.

For that reason, Joan Rivers pointing out very publicly that all Demi is doing is munching on a small piece of fruit and drinking a little bit of water during a time when she could have been relaxing and enjoying a nourishing meal was smart as a “tough love” strategy.

Please, Demi. Eat something… and apple a day will not keep the doctor away — and developing an eating disorder will only bring more unflattering reports from paparazzi.

Check out the video below to hear and see the rest of the TMZ story.

Demi Moore skinny celebrity diet secrets outed by Joan Rivers?


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Demi Moore skinny celebrity diet secrets outed by Joan Rivers?


Kae Davis, host of Green Celebrity Network, is a civic minded adrenaline junkie and pop culture historian. Writing about celebrities going green is her passion. Sharing good news and helping promote small businesses and non-profit organizations by grass roots marketing is her specialty.

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