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Leonardo DiCaprio: Elephants get help from green celebrity actor?

October 17th, 2011 at 5:13 pm by Kelly Green Leave a reply »

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is a green celebrity activist who is fighting to save wildlife, humans quality of life, and the planet. What would the world be like without lions and tigers and bears? Did we forget to say the elephants? Oh my! It would be a sad place. That is part of the reason why one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood donates to wildlife charities like IFAW and WWF — so our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will grow up on the same small planet with wild animals.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Elephants get help from green celebrity actor? Green celebrity actor Leonardo DiCaprio is an environmentalist who cares about saving the earth and all the endangered species on our planet. Having successfully started a foundation to save the tigers, now he has started using his star power to save elephants. Last year, he donated over a million dollars to the World Wildlife Foundation. This year, he’s pledging his celebrity endorsement to the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW). writes, the former child star and Hollywood actor, “… has now added yet another activity top his eco-activist portfolio by gearing up to lead a campaign by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) raising awareness of endangered elephants.”

They shared his startling revelation with readers. “With the realization that the number of pachyderms has dwindled by 50 percent over the past century, Di Caprio feels their vanishing could prove disastrous to the ecosystems and might have a lasting impact on the biodiversity of the planet.”

Other star celebs known to have used their international clout to help out elephants as endangered species for other charitable organizations include include fashion designers Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, UK royal family member Princess Beatrice, and London actor Stephen Fry.

“The new program [with the IFAW] will, according to [Leonardo DiCaprio], inspire and empower people to help protect elephants worldwide…” said the site.

IFAW revealed their official connection to the Hollywood hunk, sharing DiCaprio will serve, “as the global ambassador for the program, which highlights a different animal and conservation theme each year.”

According to the animal welfare organization, “This year’s theme is Elephants, Never Forget and focuses on the crisis that elephants face 20 years after the international ivory trade ban was put in place.”

“While elephant populations started to recover following the ban, lax poaching oversight over the past several years has led to the prospect of extinction for the species in several African countries…” says the IFAW, a crisis that got the attention of the eco-friendly star.

IFAW is grateful for the celebrity’s help says green news site “We are honored to have Leonardo’s support for our Animal Action campaign to stem the ivory trade,” said IFAW President Fred O’Regan. “With his help, we hope to create a groundswell for elephant protection that can’t be ignored.”

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Leonardo DiCaprio: Elephants get help from green celebrity actor?


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