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Sara Leal cell phone confiscated by Ashton Kutcher Bodyguard?

September 29th, 2011 at 2:05 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Sara Leal cell phone confiscated by Ashton Kutcher Bodyguard? Did Ashton Kutcher have an affair with an aspiring 23-year-old actress named Sara Leal? An anonymous friend who claims Leal and Kutcher hooked up over the weekend of his 6th wedding anniversary to movie star wife Demi Moore says Ashton and Sara met at the Hard Rock Hotel while hanging out at the nightclub and that the actor took the young Hollywood wannabe starlet up to his hotel room for a romp on the sly with the assistance and protection of his bodyguard.

According to a report posted on, the site that first alleged Kutcher — a noted humanitarian and philanthropist — was cheating in September of 2011 on his famous wife, the bodyguard took Sara Leal’s cell phone away from her before she was allowed to enter the hotel room to do the dirty deed with the Two And A Half Men star.


So Leal could not prove she and Kutcher had sexed it up that night, one may safely assume. Had Leal brought the phone into the room, she could have used it to tape record Ashton Kutcher having an extra-marital affair or worse — taken photos.

Since Leal was apparently contacted by the staff at The Dirty to confirm or deny the details of the story and solicited them to pay her $250,000.00 to dish dirt about the handsome celebrity and wreck his marriage, one can also safely assume you will see her story featured in print on some grocery stand tabloid or hyped on an entertainment journal television series.

Sadly, Kutcher and Moore recently launched a charitable foundation to help end human trafficking for the sex trade industry. One source who chose to remain anonymous but claims to have gone to high school with Sara Leal (a.k.a. Sarah Leal) says the aspiring starlet peaked at 19 years old and has been sliding down a slippery slope of affairs that border prostitution ever since.

Was landing Ashton Kutcher in the sack then demanding a big payoff from the media to out him her biggest score?

The difference between a woman paid to have sex and one who demand money for silence or to talk is a legal as well as moral one. Prostitution, willingly having sex for money, is not the same crime as blackmail or extortion.

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Did the famous humanitarian have an affair with a prostitute (as her “anonymous” friends are claiming she has been since high school) — or was it a media frenzy false allegation to set up the actor to be Charlie Sheen 2.0, but this time raising public awareness about prostitution and the DNA Foundation?

Either way, the story is disconcerting at best and disappointing at its worst — as fans are sad to see yet another Hollywood marriage start to crumble while the green celebrities involved go through painful and intense personal struggles.

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Sara Leal cell phone confiscated by Ashton Kutcher Bodyguard?


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