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Dancing With The Stars 2011: Why was PETA model Elisabetta Canalis kicked off so early?

September 27th, 2011 at 11:52 pm by Kelly Green Leave a reply »

Dancing With The Stars 2011: Why was PETA model Elisabetta Canalis kicked off so early? It was only the second week of Dancing With The Stars 2011 but pet-friendly PETA model Elisabetta Canalis got the boot on DWTS. Why did George Clooney‘s ex-girlfriend get the kicked off the reality television show so early? Some are saying lack of personality while others think she simply did not have enough natural dance ability.

A combination of un-sexy dance moves during solo segments and what came across as a bad personality on camera were the likely reason’s no one in America fell in love with Eli Canalis. But, there was also the “being mean to her dance pro” factor showcased in the spotlight by the show’s producers — inspiring show host Tom Bergeron to call the celebrity couple, “the Bickersons”.

Elisabetta dated George for over a year. The two know each other because he owns a house in Lake Como, Italy — and she apparently also lived in a house nearby. She is an Italian swimsuit model who has done work on the MTV show TRL. He’s a famous movie star who most recently participated in organizing the Help Haiti telethon following the series of natural disaster earthquakes.

Allegedly, his motivation for living with Eli was so he could learn to speak Italian.

Eli and her Hollywood movie star seemed to be doing fine in the romance department until she gave an interview saying that she planned to get married. Since Clooney is a die-hard bachelor, he quickly broke off the relationship and replaced her with a leggy blonde female professional wrestler named Stacey Kiebler.

Since Canalis has a dream of becoming famous in the United States, she took two important career steps for herself near the time of their breakup. First, she posed nude for PETA in their “I’d rather be naked than wear fur” campaign and she signed to do DWTS before Americans who recognized her name from seeing her make red carpet appearances with the actor forgot her name.

Clearly disappointed at being voted off the show so early, Canalis — a pet owner who claims her dogs are like her children — looked lost while giving her parting words. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live with her dance partner Val — brother of Maksim, she put her best foot forward while they burned her nearly new dancing shoes.

The couple’s language barrier (with Val speaking Russian as his native tongue and hers Italian) caused large problems for the pair, but the cultural difference between the two seemed to cement an impression they were not fun to watch on DWTS over her diva nature and his machismo essence.

What will Elisabetta do now that she won’t be able to rely on the reality television show to make her famous in the United States and Hollywood social circles?

Since she has shown little of herself to the general public since George Clooney forced her to stop really sharing on her Twitter account, no one knows. [He was allegedly embarrassed when she re-tweeted a funny status update message that claimed Jennifer Aniston looks like Iggy Pop. She apologized for sharing a derogatory remark about the ex-wife of her boyfriend's best friend Brad Pitt, but the OOPS moment was an immediate internet hit.]


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Dancing With The Stars 2011: Why was PETA model Elisabetta Canalis kicked off so early?


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