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Celebrity Scandals: Scarlett Johansson leaked photos stolen from cel phone?

September 14th, 2011 at 3:39 pm by Kelly Green Leave a reply »

Celebrity Scandals: Scarlett Johansson leaked photos stolen from cel phone? She’s blonde and beautiful, newly single, and one of the world’s best liked green celebrities. Actress Scarlett Johansson is also fuming mad that someone stole nude photos she took of herself off her cel phone and sent (*cough* sold) them to celebrity gossip websites like and The Broadway and film star recently divorced movie star hubby Ryan Reynolds, a clean energy activist. Since before their divorce was officially signed, sealed, and delivered, she was also romantically linked to Madonna‘s ex-husband Sean Penn, an actor who has spent considerable time volunteering to help Haiti. Oddly enough, in addition to owning an eco-friendly home, she is also an advocate for recycling cel phones.

Scarlett Johansson Leaked Photos 2011

The photos themselves are more artistic than wild, and one shows the actress is pert as well as pretty while the other shows her [as anticipated] perfect backside. If you are curious about them, check out the rated R Scarlett Johansson photo links here — but please read more before you peek, as the pics were not meant for public eyes. Only hers.

In the photos, it’s pretty clear she was taking them to check out her own figure — but likely she was planning on emailing or sexting a lover a visual surprise.

The tough part about a celeb photo scandal like this is when thieves steal pics from a person’s cel phone or PC, they are doing just that — stealing property. This time in particular, there is no scorned lover selling a sexy video tape or a wannabe starlet like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian who want to leak a tape so they can steal a few moments of attention from the world while they bask in the Hollywood spotlight of fame.

Perhaps that’s why celeb gossip sources close to the celeb are saying she is employing the help of the FBI to find out how and where the photos leaked out to the press — and why E! Online News is cutting her a little slack by not reporting the news as a scandal attacking her for poor judgement. Instead, they seem to be using her case to point out theft.

Why is wire tapping and stealing photos considered theft?

While pet friendly actress Sienna Miller had her phone conversations tapped by British tabloids and won a case against them for invasion of privacy for publishing what should have been considered intellectual property [her words], stealing images are tangible items (albeit they are stored and accessed by the digital world).

Will the Scarlett Johansson leaked photos in the buff hurt her career or any possible romantic reconciliation attempt with ex Ryan Reynolds? Most likely not. However, the violation she is likely to feel knowing that her life is technologically vulnerable might make her experience emotions that lead her to living a life that is isolated and fearful.

What might make her feel a bit better (we hope) is the knowledge she is not the only Hollywood star whose cel phones and computers were targeted. The FBI sources are claiming over 50 more star celebs have been targeted by the criminals responsible for stealing the private photos from Scar Jo.

Digital theft easy in modern society?

One thing does bear consideration, however. Digital theft in modern society is pretty easy for clever criminals. Take for instance this scenario…

Scarlett Johansson has been a leading proponent of recycling cel phones.

Before you send your old mobile phone to be recycled anywhere, make sure you take it to your wireless carrier and have them blank out any stored data on the phone. Phone numbers, pictures, text messages, passwords, and blackberry browsing history can all be siphoned off an old phone, even if it appears to be broken.

Was this how the thieves got her information? Because she donated an old phone to the recycling bin and the trash became theirs?

It is doubtful… but an ounce of prevention by deleting your phone use history can save pounds of sorrow if you care about protecting your privacy.


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Celebrity Scandals: Scarlett Johansson leaked photos stolen from cel phone?


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