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Celebrity Couples: Why Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez should not be dating

September 12th, 2011 at 1:16 am by Kelly Green Leave a reply »

Celebrity Couples: Why Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez should not be dating Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper are dating. That was the latest celeb gossip report about the handsome actor and the pop music judge from American Idol. But what is the real deal behind the story the celebrity couple were spotted out on a date over the weekend? If PEOPLE Magazine has their story straight, Cooper and the Latin diva may be mixing business with pleasure.

Bradley Cooper can’t stop the rumor mill says the entertainment news magazine. After dating Renee Zellweger, “keeping close company” with the super sexy and newly divorced vegetarian actress Olivia Wilde back in May of 2011, and “receiving an honor from Charlize Theron” — a known humanitarian and and active charity benefit — activist last week, The Hangover heart throb appears to be hot property on the Hollywood dating scene.

Perhaps the rumors he is a catch are what garnered attention from Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony’s ex (or maybe it was his muscular chest so spectacularly revealed in the movie The A Team)… but whatever the case, rumors seem to be confirmed he was seen having dinner with the women’s rights activist over the weekend.

People reported the news that the pair were allegedly socializing, but their story failed to confirm any canoodling. They write, “Although the Internet lit up with reports of a budding romance between Cooper, 37, and Lopez, 42, a source tells People that the dinner Saturday at the New York restaurant Per Se was all business. The pair, according to the source, are in discussions regarding a project.”

We bet Marc Anthony, the father of her twins, will be glad to hear that. Unconfirmed rumors say the Latin pop star is still pining for his wife, sad they split over alleged arguing. Ben Affleck, on the other hand, probably could care less. He and wife Jennifer Garner just had their third celebrity baby and are reported to be happily married.

Lopez and Anthony officially announced their decision to split on July 15. After a short seven years of marriage and a flurry of cheating scandal reports, it seems they both had the 7 year itch.

So what’s the deal — if Bradley Cooper is single and so is Jennifer Lopez, why shouldn’t the two stars hook up?

Bottom line, because Jennifer Lopez is not divorced yet, the breakup is still fresh, and she has two kids involved.

Cooper typically dates single girls without kids, keeping his personal life romantic without all the trappings of domestic bliss. While at one time she was able to run around and cheat on several past mates and spouses while exercising her right to choose, since two young children are involved and she has been spending so much time with them as a devoted mom, it would seem that her best decision (and his) would be not to be bedfellows right now.

If Lopez would take a cue from actress Sandra Bullock and focus on raising her children rather than running around, the chance of her being able to step up to the plate as a role model for women [not reliant on a man's attention for happiness or to bolster her own self-esteem] would give her an unprecedented chance to knock one out of the park for the women’s movement.

Since Jenny from the Block has made so many poor romantic decisions in the past but has been a women’s rights activist that helps woman in third world countries and the United States to stand with confidence and live their life out loud, one hopes she’d take a cue and stop letting men who flatter her ego continue to lead her around town.

While Bradley Cooper is very discreet and most likely a doll, if he’s smart he will keep the darling diva at arm’s length for a while. At least until they are a year or two past filming their new movie project together (presuming that was what the conversation was about over dinner).

Just sayin’.


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Celebrity Couples: Why Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez should not be dating


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