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Dark Green News: Rick Perry claims climate change science a fraud?

August 18th, 2011 at 10:14 am by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Dark Green News: Rick Perry claims climate change science a fraud? Climate Change News!

Elections 2012 is heating up almost as fast as our planet is changing its climate. That’s dark green news for sure.

They are like two peas in a pod, this Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman. Two political rivals and presidential candidates changing the climate in elections 2012 by claiming the scientific phenomenon of Climate Change is a fraud…

Texas Governor Rick Perry has officially declared his candidacy in the elections race 2012, and his platfrom is a hard-core Republican party line. He’s Christian and believes that his church beliefs should dictate law in America. He wants to end as many social welfare programs as he can and limit government administration of public service to keep big government out of everyone’s daily lives. Obviously, he is anti – gay marriage, anti – pro-choice, and anti – anything related to womens rights (or furthering the legal cause of minority rights). And now, the joyous news has emerged that Rick Perry thinks the scientists are lying about climate change — which means he will be against the scientific community and environmentalists too.

The interesting part about Rick Perry — who many in the press are claiming is the candidate to beat in elections 2012 despite allegations and pervasive rumors that he is a closet homosexual — is that the more he talks, he’s beginning to sound like Michelle Bachman in a suit (instead of openly wearing a dress). The Baptist politician from the Deep South who married his high school sweetheart looks like he has stolen some of the thunder from Mormon Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is out and about, campaigning hard already and making the media soundbite rounds.

Yes, his August 2011 public proclamation that God was punishing America for our wicked ways and evil deeds of refusing to participate in hate crimes and caring about providing food, shelter, and medical care to our fellow-man as liberal voters was disconcerting. It was frightening that political rhetoric could be used under the guise of a religious prayer for personal forgiveness and absolution to swing the vote to a candidate who clearly only represents the white male minority interest in America.

But to come right out in public and make a sweeping and blanket statement claiming scientists have manipulated all their findings both willfully and intentionally to make false claims for grant money? His accusations — which named no names an attacked an entire industry of hard-working and trusted professionals — borders on slander.

Because Rick Perry does not believe that controlling pollution, eliminating toxic waste, or doing whatever it takes to protect our country’s land, air quality, water tables, or natural resources, he should just say so. Instead, the presidential candidate who wants YOUR vote in the elections 2012 took the cowards way out — making an ad hominem attack against people he does not know personally, has never met before, and has no access to (or academic qualifications to decipher) their research findings.

Until Perry puts in 20, 30, 0r 40 years working as a scientist or investigation qualified to debunk scientific findings and can name names and levy charges against these scientists he claims have committed willful fraud by skewering their government-funded research grants toward proving that pollution has harmful effects, he should NOT BE TRUSTED.

Michelle Bachman claiming that climate change is a myth makes sense; she’s clearly afflicted with the same from of political ideology that has glamoured her reality TV rival Sarah Palin (she likes media attention and will say or do whatever she can to get it). Perry on the other hand used a prayer group to start his campaign, is calling on all the Baptists to vote for him so he can bring the right politics and conservative right-wing religion back to power in the government by upsetting the African-American liberal in power, and he’s going to say whatever the people like Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck want to hear him say so he can get free air time with them.

How much would you be willing to bet that when Perry runs his campaign, he takes his stump speaking to a variety of Caucasian churches when he campaigns across America? Would you be willing to lay odds against the chances of him showing up at a gospel church to bring his message? How about being willing to wager that he won’t be showing up around the country to help day laborers do their job or to participate in a trash cleanup along any of the major rural highways and byways he is sure to travel?

Our bet here at GCN is that while he will run an aggressive campaign, he won’t run on a political platfrom that is based on anything other that hate for minority groups and sub-cultures, disdain for beliefs that all cultures and soci0-political demographics deserve some level of assistance and helpful interaction with their government, or one that includes looking out for the welfare of all Americans [instead of the one that is racially or gender aligned physically and sexually with his own]. And we think it will be a cold day in climate change hell before a candidate who does not believe in climate change or theories of evolution will be worthy of a political vote.

When Rick Perry has officially declared his candidacy as a Republican running for president, he started his campaign with a prayer meeting where he preached and led the congregation in a prayer. He claimed that American was being punished by God for the way we live and our liberal ways. Rather than blaming bad financial management of the budget in the Bush years, financial mismanagement of the mortgage and banking industries, greedy insurance companies who have run the cost of healthcare to exorbitant highs, and a costly, lengthy war effort that is likely to have no end in site or benefit to the average American, he blamed God for smiting America. Will he blame God for the environment and the failure to clean it up, too?

Way to take responsibility for human foibles, Perry… and to encourage civic values, too.

What do YOU think about Rick Perry and his claim that scientists have been committing fraud — a crime punishable by law — so they can in essence steal grant money from the government? The answer to that question is worth taking about with your neighbors and with your kids at home because how you feel and what you discuss with friends who are green liberals, democrats, or non-thinking Republicans who are teetering on the fence that borders independent thinking will surely influence the next presidential election vote.

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Dark Green News: Rick Perry claims climate change science a fraud?


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