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DWTS winner Jennifer Grey tweets reaction to Dirty Dancing Remake

August 11th, 2011 at 12:31 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

DWTS winner Jennifer Grey tweets reaction to Dirty Dancing Remake Jennifer Grey appearing on Dancing With The Stars competing in a dance contest against a host of other star celebs got people interested in watching the movie Dirty Dancing again.The Habitat for Humanity volunteer who cares about going green and giving back has been a driving force in making dance a mainstream health and fitness activity.

Now, she’s defending a producer friend named Kenny Ortega who plans to do a Dirty Dancing remake by using her star power wisely on Twitter.

The talented movie actress might have been a one hit wonder, but when you do something so right it feels almost wrong to try to duplicate the feeling once again. That’s what fans of the original 80s film Dirty Dancing are saying about the hit movie turned classic. Featuring Grey and her co-star Patrick Swayze, Hollywood insiders and movie watchers who loved her character portrayal presumed she would be miffed that anyone would attempt to replace her iconic role with a fresh face in the 21st century.

When the studio announced that Kenny Ortega was named to lead up the new project, the old movie fans went crazy on Twitter sharing rumors she had reacted badly.

To quell the rumors, Jennifer Grey tweeted her approval of the Dirty Dancing remake project with some very convincing remarks. She included both an @username reference and a hashtag she thought deserved to keep trending — but wanted to ensure Twitter users got the message right if they were going to keep talking about her personal feelings. She said:

“I love @Kennyortega and trust that he will do something special #DirtyDancingRemake.”

Celebrity friend Kenny Ortega is not a name people would associate with dancing off the top of their head [the same way they might the name Nicole Sherzinger, Mark Ballas, or Derek Hough (all names affiliated with DWTS)]. He is actually famous for his work on the film production of the hit movie series franchise High School Musical.

There, he worked with such incredible talents as Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens. For the new #dirtydancingremake, there have not been any names officially released about people who might be in the running. However, off the record, one new name comes up — actress Emma Stone.

Emma Stone has no connection to the dance world and has never had any training on a reality show like Dancing With The Stars. However, she’s resilient, dedicated to the craft of acting, and her popularity is soaring right now in Hollywood social circles thanks to her new movie roles in films like The Help and the comic book movie The Amazing Spiderman (both films she has been heavily promoting).

Grey won the DWTS mirror ball trophy with partner Derek Hough despite a series of serious injuries. Let’s hope that doing a Dirty Dancing remake won’t prove a catastrophic mistake for Kenny Ortega — painful to watch and equally injuring box office ticket sales by casting actors and actresses in starring roles who might be hot Hollywood newcomers but are (in comparison to Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze) not that great.

Check out a video of her talking about Habitat for Humanity volunteer service here. This girl gardens, is eco-friendly, and is raising green kids. The most rewarding thing about being a mom, she says, is teaching compassion and kindness and tolerance to her children.

Will actress Jennifer Grey tweet her approval of whatever lucky girl is cast in the misfit role of “Baby”? Do you have any suggestions for the film producers about the kind of girl to cast for a remake of the movie? Maybe Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray?

Who do you think might make a good replacement for the dance instructor character previously played by recently deceased actor Patrick Swayze [who died of pancreatic cancer after a lifetime career dancing and starring in blockbuster movies]? The charismatic Derek Hough, perhaps?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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DWTS winner Jennifer Grey tweets reaction to Dirty Dancing Remake


Kae Davis, host of Green Celebrity Network, is a civic minded adrenaline junkie and pop culture historian. Writing about celebrities going green is her passion. Sharing good news and helping promote small businesses and non-profit organizations by grass roots marketing is her specialty.

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