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RIP Amy Winehouse: What really killed the 27-year-old singer?

July 23rd, 2011 at 1:52 pm by Kelly Green Leave a reply »



RIP Amy Winehouse: What really killed the 27 year old singer? Celebrity Death!

RIP Amy Winehouse: RIP Amy Winehouse: What really killed the 27-year-old singer?

[Jul. 23]

Singer Amy Winehouse was an extremely talented performer, but her personal life was a mess. Friends and family who know her personally have said for years that her drug addiction would eventually kill her sooner or later. Sadly, the time was now. The 27-year-old was found dead in her London home. News of her celebrity death is rocking the UK and the rest of the world as her name joins the long list of talented but troubled stars who were lost far too young in the world.

Comparing Amy Winehouse to singer Janis Joplin is an easy call, as the women both knew how to belt out a tune and never turned down a “Last Call”. She has also been likened to male celebs like Jim Morrison from The Doors as well as guitar legends Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

So what really killed Amy Winehouse? While medical reports are not yet in (with the body only recently discovered) and toxicology labs will undoubtedly turn up a host of legal drugs and illegal elements, fans say her lifestyle did her in.

“British police say singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her home in London on Saturday, July 23, 2011…” shares the Washington Post.

LA Late further revealed:

Amy Winehouse’s cause of death is being reported by police as “unexplained”. Amy Winehouse’s cause of death is pending an autopsy report schedule today. But police confirm to news that Winehouse’s death did not involve foul play, that it was “unexplained” and that she was dead when local paramedics arrived.

Paramedics tell news that Amy Winehouse was dead when they arrived at her home today. A Sky News source reports that paramedics believed Winehouse was “beyond help”. News has yet to confirm who called paramedics to Winehouse’s house, and what prompted the call.

So unexplained is the party line pending the return of the toxicology reports from the medical examiners office. Was her death a suicide, an accidental drug overdose, or did her weakened body simply fail her after so many years of heart and mental chemical abuse?

A sad loss for the entertainment world, surely — as everyone wished only the best of celebrity rehab for the troubled girl. CBS news reported Amy was drunk and booed off stage at a 2011 perfromance in Serbia… which may have sent the singing celeb into an even greater downward spiral when she realize that while perfroming live on stage she could not remember the words. Check out the disturbing DRUNK AMY WINEHOUSE LIVE ON STAGE video.

Green Celebrity Stats: Amy Winehouse

Obviously, because of her drug addictions and refusal to participate in meaningful treatment for her addictions, singer Amy Winehouse was not a great role model for kids or any party boy or girl who needed to stay off the sauce, get help, and recover. But that does not make her all bad. Actually, Winehouse — in her own dysfunctional way — did make very public attempts to recover. She simply never was able to kick her bad habits. During her life, she donated money to a wide variety of causes from Save The Music Foundation to groups that were helping victims of AIDS.


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RIP Amy Winehouse: What really killed the 27 year old singer?


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