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Royal Wedding: Queen calls headless Kate Middleton wedding dress creepy?

July 22nd, 2011 at 2:55 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Royal Wedding: Queen calls headless Kate Middleton wedding dress creepy? Royal Wedding!

Queen calls headless Kate Middleton wedding dress exhibit creepy?

[Jul. 22]

Notoriously pet-friendly Queen Elizabeth II loves her new royal family member Kate Middleton, new bride of Prince William. The incredible Alexander McQueen wedding gown she wore to the royal wedding is now on display at Buckingham Palace. But when the Queen herself came down to take a regal peek at the new fashion history exhibit, she — allegedly — was not as pleased with the dress showcase as she could have been (if UK tabloid gossip reports mean anything).

Extra TV reported the general appearance of the, “headless mannequin used to exhibit the gown” disturbed the Welsh Corgi loving Queen. The ethereal effect of the gorgeous wedding dress on display made her joke that it looked “horrible” and “creepy.” Kate Middleton, of course trying to do her best to satisfy the Queen, countered with a quip, saying the wedding dress with the headless bride gave the gown a hip and trendy “3D effect.”

So… was she kidding around or was the green celebrity Queen really unhappy with the look of the dress display? For those who have seen Princess Diana’s goofy poof arm wedding gown — or any of the inaugural ball gowns on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC they know that a headless or faceless mannequin seems to be the exhibit standard.

So why the creepy comments from the Queen?

Looking at photos of the Kate Middleton royal wedding dress exhibit and remembering how stunning she was in the dress so recently makes the dress look somehow lifeless, yet the way it has been displayed seems to give it a life of its own. To that end, the gown itself looks somehow alive, vibrant, and radiant — as if it is ready to take off on its own to whisk around a ballroom dance floor.

Perhaps that is why the Queen was given such a shudder — thinking she lives in the palace with an enchanted ball gown. Hopefully, she’ll realize that the dress represents the rise of Kate Middleton — the woman who will hopefully be a mother to the next generation of royals and know that it is a symbol of living history that make the world love the Royal Family all the more.

The Royal Family members have all been going progressively green over the years. Prince Charles, Kate Middleton’s new father in law is the most active with organic farming and promoting sustainable living. However, Kate and William are already showing strong signs that as a power couple for the 21st century, they are ready to do good deeds. Both support a variety of charity, and Kate was most recently given applause in the green news press for wearing — and re-wearing — her same favorite pair of skinny jeans paired with different tops while the two made their first visit to Canada and the United States as a married couple. A+ for clothes recycling, Katie!


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Royal Wedding: Queen calls headless Kate Middleton wedding dress creepy?


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