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Celebrity Scandal: Lindsay Lohan sued for $1M in rehab assault case?

July 21st, 2011 at 8:52 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Celebrity Scandal: Lindsay Lohan sued for $1M in rehab assault case? Celebrity Scandal!

Lindsay Lohan sued for $1 million dollars in assault case?

[Jul. 21]

Actress Lindsay Lohan is officially being sued by a woman who claimed the wayward starlet attacked her while she worked with the star at a celeb rehab facility. Dawn Bradley is the name of the woman who claims she was slapped by LiLo when she was an employee at the Betty Ford Center in December of 2010. At the time she made the claim, everyone suspected she was simply trying to extort money from the Disney Princess. Like Lindsay or not, the writing was on the wall this woman was after her celeb money.

According to the report, Dawn Bradley allegedly was present when Lindsay Lohan threw a telephone at her, followed by LiLo grabbing the wrist of employee. What brought the Hollywood temper tantrum on? Bradley, in her capacity representing the Betty Ford clinic, *gasp* says she asked LiLo to take a breathalyzer test.

The lawsuit claim is fairly dramatic, as hospital and private clinic workers are typically trained to deal with argumentative patients. The paperwork filed by Bradley’s lawyers claims the staff member had a “significant injury” from Lindsay Lohan grabbing her wrist. More, she claims that as a result of being touched she now has “post-traumatic stress syndrome.”

In accordance with her injury, Bradley is seeking to net a cool $1 million.

How does the Betty Ford clinic feel about her legal claim against their famous client?

Suffice it to say, Bradley no longer works for them and they are not paying any workers compensation amounts for on the job injuries that have been disclosed.

The tough part of the situation is that no matter how intrusive we, as media, are into the life of Lindsay Lohan, she does deserve the right to keep her medical records private and her celebrity rehab difficulties at any facility between she and the medical providers she trusted. However, landing in celebrity rehab is not a great thing or any way to become a role model.

LiLo uses her star power poorly — focusing on her next party rather than figuring out a way to be grateful for her fame and fortune while giving back to her community through charity.


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Celebrity Scandal: Lindsay Lohan sued for $1M in rehab assault case?


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