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Celebrity Diets: Angelina Jolie snacks on bugs like beetles and crickets

July 21st, 2011 at 6:20 pm by Kelly Green Leave a reply »



Celebrity Diets: Angelina Jolie snacks on bugs like beetles and crickets Celebrity Diet Secrets!

Angelina Jolie eats bugs like beetles and crickets to stay so skinny?

[Jul. 21]

Actress Angelina Jolie spends a great deal of time traveling with her family and partner Brad Pitt — especially to third world countries. Apparently, that is why her celebrity diet consists of some pretty funny health food snacks — including bugs, beetles, and crickets.

Bragging to E! Online, the green celeb actress dished up some pretty graphic dirt about her own eating habits and those of her celebrity kids, claiming both she and they got addicted to eating crickets while the famous family toured Cambodia in Southeast Asia. There, eating bugs is an everyday way of life for people who both have and have not got a lot of money. Crickets and beetles are fried and people eat them as a delicacy; giant spiders are skewered, cooked up on a grill, and eaten like a treat.

But strange foods and weird eating habits of non-American cultures don’t bother Angie — until, that is, her own kids start compulsively bingeing on yummy but gross treats. Jolie confessed in her celebrity, “I had to actually ban the cricket eating at some point, because I was afraid they were gonna get sick from too many…”

The 34-year-old mother of 6, leading lady known for her supermodel photos in ad campaigns like her present endorsement of Louis Vuitton in their Core Values campaign, and world-famous girlfriend of actor Brad Pitt is not likely to start a new celebrity diet trend in Hollywood with her latest admission — no matter HOW skinny she might be.

The mom further explained why her kids like eating crickets the most. She says the taste and texture of the unique food makes bingeing on them easy, saying, “…they’re good— [a fried cricket tastes] like a potato chip.” Adding that her celeb children eat the snacks like American children eat Doritos, she may have given the strangest celebrity endorsement of a well-known junk food product accidentally.

Gather news further shared the video clip of the star telling her celebrity diet secrets, writing:

Perhaps that is why Angelina Jolie is so frickin’ skinny. Not enough crunchy critters being served on Hollywood Boulevard for her to snack on with any regularity. Hollywood celebrity dieting is such a strange thing…

Watch a video clip of Angelina Jolie dishing dirt about her sons strange eating habits in her latest celebrity interview with E!


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Celebrity Diets: Angelina Jolie snacks on bugs like beetles and crickets


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