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Celebrity Scandal: Kim Kardashian suing Old Navy over celeb lookalike?

July 20th, 2011 at 8:20 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Celebrity Scandal: Kim Kardashian suing Old Navy over celeb lookalike? Celebrity Scandal!

Kim Kardashian suing Old Navy over celeb look-alike commercial?

[Jul. 20]

Kim Kardashian is suing retail outlet Old Navy for a commercial they are calling the Kim-poster campaign. The model bears a strong resemblance to the reality television star but is lacking one major assert — a huge backside.

Despite the fact one can plainly see the commercial skit is not Kim Kardashian and is instead promoting Hollywood allure to young girls who want to look glamorous on a budget, Kim K is still claiming the celebrity-look-alike parody is affecting her bottom line financially.

As reality television stars, the Kardashian girls have spent a great deal of time primping and partying. Khloe Kardashian upstaged her sister by marrying NBA player Lamar Odom. Kourtney Kardashian upstaged her when she had a baby. Now, some plastic Barbie mannequin girl is pretending to be the low dollar Kim Kardashian stunt double in a commercial on TV?

Reportedly, the celeb is so mad at Old Navy for using a look-alike to make her look like she endorsed the company. How much does Kim K claim she has lost in revenue over the commercial? $15-20 million dollars!

The ad, that came out in February, only got the reality star mad now [Showbiz Tonight on HLN suggests] because she just found out this month her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush is dating the commercial model — a girl named Melissa Molinaro (see photo).

Celebrity Scandal: Kim Kardashian suing Old Navy over celeb lookalike? Justifying her legal claim that Old Navy marketing staff know that Molinaro is a dead ringer for the reality TV star, Kardashian’s legal team point to tweets issues by the company pointing out the resemblance is uncanny.

While we do agree that Old Navy has a right to make a social parody about the life and times of a reality television star, they should not have been tweeting Kim’s name to promote their tweets. Does anyone really “buy” that the star has been harmed to the tune of twenty million dollars? No. Common sense makes it appear that she simply wants to score a little more easy money that what she’s already inherited as a trust fund baby while making sure to get Reggie Bush’s girlfriend canned from her job promoting the company.

So, even though under normal circumstances we always strive to say nice things about the Kardashian sisters here on GCN because of the work they have all done in the past for charity, on this one we have to say — settle the lawsuit for a charitable donation each time the commercial runs and let Melissa Molinaro keep working.

Why? Because the commercial is a cute, light-hearted parody that promoted feeling good about the way you look without needing to pay designer label prices for anything fashionable and trendy.

Check out the official Melissa Molinaro website and you tell us…. should this pretty girl stop modeling because she makes Kim K angry? What are her civil rights to participate in future advertising and marketing campaigns without being accused of stealing contracts from the bigger celebrity?

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Celebrity Scandal: Kim Kardashian suing Old Navy over celeb lookalike?


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