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The Bachelorette: Ashley H breaking heart of green celebrity Bachelor?

July 11th, 2011 at 8:17 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



The Bachelorette: Ashley H breaking heart of green celebrity Bachelor? The Bachelorette!

Ashley H breaking heart of green celebrity Bachelor?

[Jul. 11]

Ashley H has been getting busy breaking hearts and taking names on the hit reality television show The Bachelorette. On the episode that aired July 11th, 2011 she spent the night with bachelor from Sonoma who makes wine and sounds a bit like he could be whiny — Ben F. Her overnight antics made the one fellow who seems to already be in love with her — JP — extremely jealous. He headed off to the group date with Ames and the golfer no one can really remember [Lucas] to take pretend wedding photos with the bride to be. The high from the group date was wearing off, said JP. He wanted answers from Ashley about her feelings for him but was left with nothing but fake wedding photo memories. All the while during the date sequence, fans of the latest green celebrity Ryan were wincing thanks to a teaser clip where the producers show a confrontation between the show star and their famously sunny contestant. Will she break his eco-friendly heart for real or is all the hype implying they are going to break up simply that — celeb gossip starting spoilers to promote ratings?

In real life, Ashley H is in dental school. She plans to be a dentist full-time (promoting healthy smiles), but also is into health and fitness. Pet friendly, this short girl with big stature is pet friendly — and owns a dog named Boo. As a hobby, she dances and teaches amateur dance classes for exercise. Her small town girl background makes this Bachelorette appealing to a broad range of gentlemen.

Lucas is the conservative guy who is along for the ride, but her really does like her. He said openly that this episode before the hometown date was his least favorite group date. The quintessential Southern gentleman, he seems to be willing to play the role of future husband — but seems more like he is simply protecting his heart by staying casual with Ash and keeping things light-hearted. He overshadows Constantine, the only guy left not wildly in love with Ashley — who was so confident in her decision to oust her next fellas she was able to hold the Rose Ceremony without a cocktail party.

The underdog is actually the Brendan Fraser celebrity look-alike. Ames is clearly infatuated with her and is from an Ivy League background. Ashley says Ames, “… is a very unique guy”. A portfolio manager, he suffered a head injury Thai boxing Ryan for her affections.

Her cute green dress she wore on the date with the group would have been the better celebrity style to wear on her date with Ryan P, however. He’s totally a green celeb. His business focus is on building and selling solar energy systems. Ash thinks he is gorgeous, dynamic, and is truly someone who she likes. He is from California, a perfect place for a green business. He’s been extreme skiing and snow boarding in the Andes mountains of Chile, but it seems as if dating on reality television has been his greatest adventure. While she thinks his outlook on life is very positive, the romantic connection simply is not there. She told the cameras that she was not sure her relationship with him had moved forward far enough for her to feel comfortable meeting his family — and from there in the episode the fireworks with Ryan P (who was clearly infatuated with her but perhaps in such a way that is more mature than the other bachelors) began. Talk about a solar flare from the heart of the owner of one of the largest solar energy companies in the United States! In the opinion of many, Ryan P simply intimidates the Bachelorette in a way none of the other contestants do and for that reason he’s less likely to win her affections in any sort of way that is anything other than her being complimentary about him. His loaded question on their one on one date about what she thinks about the environment and her telling a tale about dating an eco-friendly guy who dumped her for throwing a plastic bottle in the regular trash rather than in the recycling bin was enough to show America — and her — that he is just not the right guy to be her husband.

To that end, evaluating the four others left, the guy most likely to win her heart is JP — a Jewish construction worker from New York who is already playing the macho guy protective of his future bride. Will down to earth JP or bohemian Ben F oust Ryan P and get the next rose? Even though Ryan P got the first impression rose, sadly, [about Ryan P] we found out yes.

SPOILER ALERT: At the end of the episode, JP, Ben F, Constantine and Ames stayed. Lucas will not bring Ashley H home to meet his family on a Home Town Date to Odessa, Texas because of his slow moves and laid back ways.


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The Bachelorette: Ashley H breaking heart of green celebrity Bachelor?


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