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Controversial Sarah Palin smart enough to impress young voters like Bristol Palin?

July 7th, 2011 at 4:08 pm by Kelly Green Leave a reply »



Controversial Sarah Palin smart enough to impress young voters like Bristol Palin? Elections 2012 Editorial!

Sarah Palin smart enough to impress voters like daughter Bristol Palin?

Bristol Palin thinks her mother Sarah Palin would make a great president of the United States because of how smart she is, and the celebrity teen mom from Alaska is really annoyed at anyone who does not share the same sentiment. “The biggest misconception about my mom that really irritates me is that she’s dumb,” Palin told a book store outlet rep in Arizona prior to a book signing for her new money-maker memoir titled Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far. According to the former Dancing With The Stars contestant her mother is, “… so smart, and if anyone had a conversation with her they’d realize that … she’s a whiz.” Does mama grizzly inspire that much confidence among older voters? Not really. Most folks who are well-educated or who have a high IQ realize that while the Tina Fey look-alike is highly marketable as a candidate, it will not be her bright lights behind the eyes that would get her taken seriously as a candidate. Rather, if she does run, it will most likely be her ability to appeal to the lowest common denominator of society with her good looks, passion for spinning conservative rhetoric, and her “I’m just like that country girl next door” charm she’s famous for wielding faster than an Obama insult or a hunting rifle.

During a celebrity interview appearance on national television, her daughter Bristol showed nothing but admiration and awe for her mother’s grasp of the world around her and politics. On ABC’s “Good Morning America” last month, young Palin indicated she would absolutely love to see her oh-so-very-Republican mother run for president in the next election cycle.

“I think she’s awesome,” she said. “I think she’s smart. I think she would be awesome for our country.” And, it looks like if he famous celebrity mom ran for president, she would absolutely encourage others to vote for her.

Why would Sarah Palin make an “awesome” president in the eyes of her daughter? The interesting part is she offers no clear reason other than the woman is her mother. Bristol, who is famous for lacking much depth or personality but otherwise being a nice girl who simply got knocked up by the cute boy in town while she was bored and young, is also not known for being a rocket scientist.

Mother of son Tripp, she’s really made a bundle of cash between reality television and touring to promote abstinence to teens across the country. Rumors are the celeb kid is bringing in more than $150K per year (conservative) net doing public speaking. Will her voice be able to sway young voters into giving their vote to Sarah Palin in a future election bid based on her daughters assessment that her mom is a genius?

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you have teens — educating your children about the candidates real political agendas, experience, history, and the issues at hand that will likely be decided by any elected official is likely prudent to do. It’s the only real way to avoid kids growing up to think they should vote for a candidate they know nothing personally about other than they are “awesome” candidates. After all, Mickey Mouse is awesome. So is Batman. Even Hulk Hogan fits the description… but one may not decide it wise to vote for any of them in a write-in vote based on the adjective used to describe them (as fictional characters or media persona).

Unless they are running against Sarah Palin.

Then, one might think a handful of registered independents would consider it.


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Controversial Sarah Palin smart enough to impress young voters like Bristol Palin?


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