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SYTYCD Celebrity Gossip: Does Lady Gaga think you can dance?

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SYTYCD Celebrity Gossip: Does Lady Gaga think you can dance? SYTYCD Celebrity Gossip!

Does Lady Gaga think you can dance?

[Jul. 3]

It has been a big year for Lady Gaga. She has been named more wealthy than any other pop star and her net worth actually surpassed Oprah Winfrey. She’s been a mentor to the American Idol contestants and had her pornographic shoes blurred out on national television. The star celeb has both helped Japan and been sued for allegedly skimming money from the top of her charity. However, despite her superstar status and controversial fame she is willing to engage with a live studio audience and take on a position as a celebrity judge and mentor on national television.

TV Live reports:

It’s official: Fox’s hottest summertime commodity, So You Think You Can Dance, will add some sizzle to its current season — and maybe give its sliding ratings a boost – with a helping of Lady Gaga.

The theatrical performer will serve as a judge on the series sometimes before its finale in August, a Fox rep confirmed for, echoing that which Nigel Lythgoe hinted at during a recent press call.

Before you get all excited thinking Mother Monster will be a regular on the reality TV show, there is more news. The celebrity gossip reports about Lady Gaga say she’s only agreed to appear as a guest judge for an episode (or two if fans are lucky).

Entertainment Weekly confirms the following about SYTYCD:

Lady Gaga will be a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance.

A rep for the Fox show confirmed to EW that the pop diva will be featured later this season.

Gaga will “give great advice on how to handle yourself, how to be creative with what you do, and how to be a fabulous performer,” producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe told Yahoo recently.

How do the show producers feel about having Lady Gaga as a So You Think You Can Dance contributor? “Her help is going to be invaluable…” they say.

As to when Little Monsters will get to see their idol on SYTYCD, there has been no exact confirmation of date or episode number yet. Word is only that Lady Gaga has been officially confirmed as a guest judge at some point during the upcoming season.

Regarding how the singer got involved with the dance show, CB revealed, “It’s fitting that Gaga should appear on the show, considering one of her dancers was once a SYTYCD contestant.”


Pop music singer Lady Gaga is a humanitarian. She as acted as an advocate for the LGBT community worldwide, openly praising the new passing of the gay marriage law in New York and chastising other countries governments for continuing to allow oppressive laws that persecute gays in their communities. She recently participated in fund raising to help Japan recover from the natural disasters the island nation suffered in 2011. In addition to caring about protecting humans, Lady Gaga also cares about the environment. In 2010 she boycotted BP after the British corporation caused an oil spill of epic proportion in the Gulf of Mexico, bringing more harm to the residents of New Orleans who had not yet fully recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina that struck years earlier.

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SYTYCD Celebrity Gossip: Does Lady Gaga think you can dance?


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