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Celebrity Homes: Why should Obama put solar panels on the White House?

July 1st, 2011 at 1:38 pm by Winston C. Rose Leave a reply »



Celebrity Homes: Why should Obama put solar panels on the White House? Celebrity Homes!

Why should Barack Obama put solar panels on the White House?

[Jul. 1 -- Editorial]

There is a growing push again to get President Obama to put solar panels on the White House and eco-friendly activists who believe going green is tied with patriotism have been chatting heavily in forums about the debate as we near the Fourth of July holiday 2011. I happen to be a fan of the idea as I am a fan of solar panels on nearly any building structure. It’s interesting that proponents of trickle down economics are against this idea. If what happens at the top trickle’s down to the bottom then why shouldn’t they encourage solar panels on the White House and every other house? Back in 2010, Barack Obama promised to harness the power of the sun for the benefit of his family while they were in residence, but he has not done it yet. So, why should solar panels should be on the White House — like yesterday more than today or tomorrow? A complete solar power system should be on the White House to set a good example for United States citizens!

It is the same reason the President of the United States of America shouldn’t smoke, should not have multiple wives, should be avoiding celebrity scandal romps with mistresses, etc. Adding a high-tech solar panel system to the White House, especially if it is already being domestically made, is a relatively inexpensive way to stimulate more national debate about the use of Solar Panels on every American home. To install such eco-friendly energy systems and water heating units would get more electricians and environmental engineers working, cut down on fossil fuel energy use, and make the United States more energy independent. For those reasons alone, the Obamas putting solar panels on the White House as their special touch for the celebrity home that can be used by future presidents should be a no-brainer!

More over, America is falling behind on the use of green products. After all, Germany (one European country that sets a great example) gets far less sunlight than the U.S. does; however, they already have nearly 20% of their energy coming from solar power systems as eco-friendly natural resources.

Can’t we beat Germany at green energy production when we have the advantage of more sunlight? Can’t we use solar panels on the White House to inspire the promotion of green tech nationally to create new jobs for solar power systems installers? Can’t we use solar panels on the White House to highlight domestic manufacturers of solar panels? Wouldn’t solar panels on the White House to show our energy suppliers that we are serious about getting out from under their thumb?

In this writers opinion the answer to all those questions is a resounding YES. President Barack Obama and his organic gardening wife Michelle Obama should move with all expediency to have a race between American companies to see how quickly they can bid to install solar panels on the White House… and every other government building in Washington and every other city around the Nation, for that matter!

The bad press being generated from Barack Obama failing to keep his promise to install solar panels on the White House is not worth the historic preservation of the national monument.

Add the solar power system to the celebrity home now, Mr. President. Get that green energy production rolling! Be a role model as a president, Barack. Call Ed Begley, Jr. if you are lacking ideas — or actor Leonardo DiCarpio. Both go solar. Invite Brad Pitt to the tour the White House and ask for his opinion; he’s been studying sustainable architecture design for years now. That way, you go down in history as the bright green president who brought solar power to the White House (and not just a guy who likes rubbing elbows with famous people in Hollywood).

While keeping your commitment to the people that voted you into office [to preserve and protect the environment], your actions could bring a little sunshine and eventual energy cost savings to us all.


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Celebrity Homes: Why should Obama put solar panels on the White House?


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