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Charlie Sheen death plot by Chuck Lorre tickles Perez Hilton?

June 28th, 2011 at 3:24 am by Kae Davis Leave a reply »



Charlie Sheen death plot by Chuck Lorre tickles Perez Hilton? Hollywood Gossip!

Charlie Sheen death plot by Chuck Lorre tickles Perez Hilton?

[Jun. 28]

Celeb gossip blogger Perez Hilton seems tickled pink that Chuck Lorre is plotting the on-screen death of actor Charlie Sheen. Since old Sorry Charlie got the boot from the television sitcom Two And A Half Men, the Hollywood actor and the show producer have been verbally sparring about whether there is a place for the partying 40-something-year-old winner on the series. Once able to brag he was the highest paid actor on television, the movie star turned joke of television is now busy #winning the affections of few. On June 27, Perez shared his own views, joking in his photo caption above John Cryer, “Can I read your OBIT?” As Chuck Lorre is undoubtedly enjoying plotting the demise of character Charlie Harper on-screen, he’s also allegedly very excited about the opportunity to work with a Hollywood movie and TV star that everyone reports loving working with immensely—Ashton Kutcher.

Is Perez Hilton happy to see the Charlie Harper character kicked off because, well… because he was so much like the real-life actor Charlie Sheen? Picking fun of the fired star has been fairly easy for everybody, as he has left himself wide open to public critique. Ex-wife and supermodel actress Denise Richards (who divorced him in the past citing an addition to porn) used to have his name tattooed on her hot body. She got a cover tattoo of a fairy. Chuck Lorre gave him the proverbial keys to the kingdom back in the day. Now he alludes to Sheen as if he is the monkey no one in Hollywood can get off their back and is currently [rumored to be] doing a plot cover up story akin to vanishing a tattoo (something magical like Sheen’s ex Sports Illustrated swimsuit model baby mommy already did to the indelible ink name of her estranged hubby).

Will Chuck Lorre really kill off Charlie Sheen’s character, closing all the doors for the ousted celebrity permanently—like Perez Hilton suggests with glee? Will the fictional celebrity death of Charlie Sheen be just the ritual the public needs to let Ashton Kutcher transition onto the show gracefully without Two And A Half Men fans missing a quirky beat?

As much people loved the former series star (admitting that he was horrible, raunchy, and charismatic simultaneously), the appeal of the hot new celeb taking his place is undeniable. Especially for people like Perez Hilton and other members of the LGBT community.

Why, you might ask?

Because being given the chance to oogle the young Mr. Demi Moore (husband of Mrs. Kutcher) instead of eyeballing old Charlie Sheen each episode is definitely preferable, aesthetically. You don’t have to be a straight woman or gay male celeb to figure out why, either. Except for a few of Sheen’s die-hard followers proclaiming, “God Save The Sheen”, blogger Perez Hilton pretty much nailed the feeling everyone has right now in Hollywood about the same thing.

Bottom line, the new show title with the new cast of celebs really ought to be “One and a Half Men + Eye Candy.” Chuck Lorre’s new prime-time “Dude,” Ashton Kutcher, is sweet!


Blogger Perez Hilton is a pro-gay marriage, pro-civil rights, pet friendly voice of the entertainment community. While many with narrow minds fail to take the opinions of the celebrity seriously, those who follow his work know that when Perez Hilton leaks a Hollywood secret or view that chances are he speak loudly in few words that reach many. To that end, whenever the writer shares his opinion on star celebs — whether he is outing who is a gay celeb or which stars are rapidly about to go from A-List to being D-Listed, people listen. As a genuine advocate for the LGBT community who seems to bear no malice to straight people, Perez Hilton (in all his flamboyance) uses his star power for good, tweeting and sharing news about a variety of social issues and charity benefits and even apologizing if he shares the wrong bit of gossip or an opinion that is too controversial. For those reasons, we’ve got to give him green celebrity perks.


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Charlie Sheen death plot by Chuck Lorre tickles Perez Hilton?


Kae Davis, host of Green Celebrity Network, is a civic minded adrenaline junkie and pop culture historian. Writing about celebrities going green is her passion. Sharing good news and helping promote small businesses and non-profit organizations by grass roots marketing is her specialty.

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