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Celebrity Couples: Jake Gyllenhaal dating vegetarian Olivia Wilde?

June 28th, 2011 at 7:25 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Celebrity Couples: Jake Gyllenhaal dating vegetarian Olivia Wilde? Celebrity Couples!

Jake Gyllenhaal dating Olivia Wilde?

[Jun. 28]

Actor Jake Gyllenahaal might have starred in a bunch of movies but it wasn’t until we saw him in the Disney flick Prince of Persia that we gave the hot actor a second glance. Now, anytime we spot a juicy gossip news story about him, we can’t stop reading! The latest news comes hot on the heels of us seeing Jake in a commercial spot for the television series Man v. Wild, It looks as if the Hollywood hottie was willing to freeze his noogies off to go on a wildlife survival excursion we can’t wait to see. But the news that he might be dating green celebrity vegetarian actress Olivia Wilde — a.k.a. the bisexual character 13 on the television series House and the world’s hottest robot in Tron with humanitarian actor Jeff Bridges — got us thinking what a cute couple these two might be. People magazine revealed the details of the celeb couple dating, causing us to share an “Oh well” sigh of disappointment. Defamer mag reported, “Jake Gyllenhaal got “touchy-feely” on a night out with Olivia Wilde, but “at the end of the evening the two went their separate ways.” Cootie shots only confer a certain amount of immunity, you see.” [People]

So why do you suppose no chemistry? One theory is Olivia Wilde — while single — is still not over her relationship with her real life prince hubby. The two split recently citing irreconcilable differences but without much press or fanfare regarding anything. Hollywood insiders were surprised to hear the couple — who eloped when she was only a teen — split.

As for Jake Gyllenhaal, he is kind of like the hot nerdy kid most of the fine girls in high school everyone overlooks. Rumors that he is or was gay mainly seem to have stemmed from his role in the Brokeback Mountain film. [Remember... "I ain't quitting yew!" That's him.]

Gyllenhaal had his reputation as a straight guy when he got involved with actress Reese Witherspoon after her divorce from Cruel Intentions actor Ryan Phillippe. The two made a darling couple but like many Hollywood romances their interests simply took them in separate directions. After his brief dalliance with celebrity teen country music singer Taylor Swift, word hit that Jake was single again but Reese Witherspoon was engaged to somebody else. Since then, Witherspoon got married and Gyllenhaal continues to play the singles scene.

Regarding the big date, Perez Hilton reports:

West Hollywood’sChateau Marmont was the place to be last night if you were out to catch a glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal macking on his new lady friend, Olivia Wilde.

According to Olivia’s rep, the pair are just friends, but according to onlookers at the club, they might just be friends with benefits!

One source claimed that Jake was very “touchy-feely” and that Olivia was very “cool” with his advances. Sadly, the lovefest began and ended at the club as the duo reportedly did not leave together at the end of the night.

Here’s a tip, Olivia — if you have a chance to play with Jake while recovering from your marriage and fresh divorce, you are most likely making a great friends with benefits decision. That boy is hot stuff and highly under-rated as a Hollywood hunk.

Add to the fact that he is healthy and fit like Olivia Wilde, he’d have no problem with her vegetarian diet (one gossip insider reported). Why is that? Because vegetarians TASTE BETTER.

At least that’s the rumor.


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Celebrity Couples: Jake Gyllenhaal dating vegetarian Olivia Wilde?


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