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Bieber Fever: Even singer Nicki Minaj flirts with Justin Bieber?

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Bieber Fever: Even singer Nicki Minaj flirts with Justin Bieber? Bieber Fever!

Even singer Nicki Minaj flirts with Justin Bieber?

[Jun. 27]

Pop music singers Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber were both award show presenters at the 2011 BET awards. The two standout star celebs engaged in some heavy flirting on stage, but it is a safe to assume the coy stage play was just an act. Why? First and foremost, Justin Bieber — despite having started what appears to be a very serious young lovers Hollywood romance with Disney princess actress Selena Gomez — is just a kid compared to the much more street savvy and aloof Nicki Minaj. With the cameras rolling, it was all fun and games on stage in front of the live viewer audience when the fashion diva played her little game of cat and mouse with the young YouTube sensation.

Who is Nicki Minaj and why is she famous?

So who exactly is Nicki Minaj? She’s a “Lady Gaga – esque” version of a musical drama queen. Bright, colorful, inspired, and inspiring are all adjectives that can be used to describe the non-conventional red carpet darling. Wherever the singer goes in Hollywood (or around the world) she turns heads with unusual outfits she wears with brilliant themes. One day she’s a tiger, the next night a pin-up girl, followed by an afternoon delight as a futuristic beauty pageant queen. For these reasons and so many more, she has become a camera darling at nearly all the major music awards shows. Paparazzi love to take her pics, and she has even made celebrity friends with fashion show host Joan Rivers. When those two girls get together to judge wardrobe choices by Hollywood star celebs, the bet is on that the gloves are coming off. And while Selena Gomez at 18 might be the cougar in her relationship with 17 year old Biebs, Minaj is even older. Born in 1984, the singer famous for her pink wigs and bright pink lipstick is well into her twenties.

Nicki Minaj has the hots for Justin Bieber?

Just Jared reported more seriously about the on stage flirting at the 2011 BET Music Awards. The celeb gossip site retold their own version of what chemistry they observed on stage between Nicki Minaj and the Biebs. They wrote, “Justin hit the stage during the show with Nicki Minaj to present the award for Best Male Hip Hop Artist to Kanye West… Nicki and Justin even flirted a bit on stage! She asked him if he could drive and if he can handle curves.”

After seeing all the photos of his latest luxury vacation with sweet and sexy teen celebrity actress Selena Gomez while those two frolicked in the surf while playing love birds (or more appropriately mating dolphins) on the beaches of Hawaii over Memorial Day Weekend, our best guess is that it’s a safe bet to say, “Ummmm… yes.”

Backstage insiders say that Minaj’s claws were only grasping at the Biebs as a joke to give her subtle nod of approval to the young celeb (and to understand she was not flirting with Selena Gomez’ new boy toy just to be mean). Look out, Selena — thanks to your bikini tryst pics, Bieber fever is contagious and spreading to cougars! Celebs do that.

Green Celebrity Stats: Nicki Minaj

By now, nearly everyone in the world knows teen singing sensation Justin Bieber is a green celebrity. He’s come out and advocated for animal rights through PETA, helped Larry King organize a telethon to raise money to help the people of New Orleans get through the devastating BP oil spill, and now he has given his celebrity endorsement to a new perfume called SOMEDAY with a large portion of the proceeds going to charity. But what about Nicki Minaj? Is she a green celebrity? The short answer is yes, just think recycling. Nicki Minaj uses wardrobe pieces she finds from everywhere and is constantly remaking things to suit her fashion needs. To that end, she is making a green fashion statement while still managing to look keen. She’s also been spotted out supporting urban welfare charities in New Jersey.



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Bieber Fever: Even singer Nicki Minaj flirts with Justin Bieber?


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