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Robert Pattinson missing Taylor Lautner more than Kristen Stewart?

June 26th, 2011 at 5:13 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Robert Pattinson missing Taylor Lautner more than Kristen Stewart? Twilight Gossip!

Robert Pattinson missing Taylor Lautner more than Kristen Stewart?

[Jun. 26]

Actor Robert Pattinson was supposed to be spending the summer with actress Kristen Stewart, but he has not seen her. Is he secretly missing actor Taylor Lautner more now that the Twilight series has finished filming? Rumors in Hollywood social circles seem to indicate that the fateful kiss at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards might have freaked actress Kristen Stewart out a bit more than even she expected. When the fictitious vampire told her he did not feel like kissing her in front of the crowd and instead ran into the live studio audience to plant a big wet kiss on the lips of Twilight movie co-star Taylor Lautner the crowd went wild. But KStew didn’t! She seemed a bit shocked to watch the spectacle unfold, and while their Twi co-stars have all openly joked to the media that the over-hyped kiss was supposed to be funny, now that filming has wrapped up, all three of the movie stars seem a little lost without the close emotional comfort and support of one another as BFF star celebs.


As a celebrity couple that has remained in residence together throughout their many years filming movies for the Twilight Saga, no other Hollywood couple has gotten more free press about their relationship than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. While he has never kissed her openly in public and she has never–at any time–appeared interested romantically in male attention, their press camps have let leak just enough infromation about the celebrity teens to make the press and fans believe the two are romantically involved both on and off-screen.

Dating or not is the hot question of the summer, after seeing how happy Rob looked smooching on Taylor Lautner. Rob, who everyone thought would spend the summer of 2011 vacation cuddled up in some cozy cabin in Canada with co-star Kristen when he was not busy filming Cosmopolis, has only been spotted out partying with primarily guy friends–sans KStew and missing Lautner. And more, she’s been spotted out partying the night away with other guys as well!

As such, the whole Rpatz missing Kstew scenario is making people wonder–was there some hidden and mysterious truth behind the 2011 MTV Movie Awards kiss that the actor revealed about himself and his real love interest?

Either way, whether Pattinson is gay or not, he is still a superstar hottie fans of both male and female persuasion will continue to lust after. What’s more, if he and Stewart have broken up, that actually may (at this point in entertainment news time) serve to make him an even hotter commodity in Hollywood.


You might not want to count actor Robert Pattinson as an LGBT activist yet, but you can put a big green check mark for the celeb in the humanitarian column. Pattinson appeared at the Help Haiti telethon hosted by George Clooney and helped answer telephone calls to accept donations. Other big name celebs involved with the project were Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and hundreds more. In addition to helping people, Rpatz is known for being pet friendly. He an actress Kstew adopted a stray dog while filming scenes for Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

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Robert Pattinson missing Taylor Lautner more than Kristen Stewart?


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