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Mummy actress Rachel Weisz married 007 actor Daniel Craig in secret?

June 26th, 2011 at 8:18 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Mummy actress Rachel Weisz married 007 actor Daniel Craig in secret? Celebrity Couples!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz married at secret wedding?

[Jun. 26]

007 James Bond actor Daniel Craig and his new girlfriend got married at a secret wedding ceremony this week. The celebrity couple wed in front of four couples and kept the news and marriage celebration private. Now fans of the action adventure movie hero are asking, “Who is the lucky girl?” She is a very famous woman, actually. Almost anyone who sees her or knows celebs by their famous faces recognizes her immediately. Her name is Rachel Weisz, and the actress comes with an impressive Hollywood movie pedigree. Both star celebs are famous in the UK and the US. Daniel Craig and his new bride — they are the hot couple in Hollywood people will want to know more about for sure no matter where these two travel in the world. Who is Rachel Weisz? While he is best known for his role as “celebrity with the best abs” to ever play the James Bond 007 character in the Ian Flemming movie series, she is better known for being a lovely brunette actress able to play a range of characters with emotional aptness and keen theatrical agility. Her starring roles include such high-profile films as The Mummy with Brendan Fraiser, The Bourne Legacy with Matt Damon, The Deep Blue Sea, and The Lovely Bones with Stanley Tucci.


While he was busy having a popsicle shaped and sold with his likeness (a really cool tribute to the UK celebrity), she was getting busy as an actress and celebrity mom — the perfect wife to marry if you are a hot male celebrity.

So much for the UK single remaining on the most eligible bachelor list indefinitely. The handsome actor and the darling starlet began their romance on movie set of the new film Dream House just over a year ago, and now he’s married.


Actress Rachel Weisz was born in London, England on March 7th, 1970. The now forty-year-old actress and her new husband managed to keep their nuptials a secret from the press for nearly a week before the hot celebrity gossip hit the press. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz make a stunningly beautiful celebrity couple, but both stars are known for keeping their private lives low-key and out of the press. That is most likely the reason everyone knows Rachel by her face or voice without realizing the name behind the movie characters she has played so successfully.

Rachel Weisz is already a mother of one, a son by father Henry Chance. She herself is the daughter of a Hungarian man who was an inventor who made a daring escape from Europe to flee the Nazi regime. In the 2010 Esquire magazine edition, Weisz was voted the woman men would most like to marry. It looks as if actor Daniel Craig and the rest of Hollywood were listening, as he took very little time making sure she was his forever his by making her his bride.

Regarding upcoming projects, People magazine revealed, “The real-life newlyweds play husband and wife in the upcoming Dream House, due in theaters this fall. Weisz can be seen next in The Whistleblower, a thriller opening August 5.” However, the entire “Surprise, we’re married!” announcement is likely to sell more entertainment journal magazines in the coming weeks. To that end, these two love birds are likely to be on the guest list of all the A-List parties and at red carpet events as other star celebs and the paparazzi clamour to hear their love story as the hot celebrity couple in Hollywood.


Actress Rachel Weisz might keep her personal life private, but when it comes to doing the right thing in public she does so exponentially. She has done volunteer work for the non-profit organizations Cancer Research UK, the Constant Gardener Trust, and the Pediatric Epilepsy Project.

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Mummy actress Rachel Weisz married 007 actor Daniel Craig in secret?


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