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Celebrity Scandal: Samantha Ronson drinking influencing Lindsay Lohan?

June 25th, 2011 at 4:39 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Celebrity Scandal: Samantha Ronson drinking influencing Lindsay Lohan? Celebrity Scandal!

Samantha Ronson partying influencing Lindsay Lohan?

[Jun. 25]

Actress Lindsay Lohan is a typical Hollywood brat who went from being an A-list celebrity teen to a D-listed 20 something. She’s been involved in all kinds of run-ins with the law and had bad press from paparazzi for years now. Arrested for things like driving under the influence, documented having screaming arguments with her lesbian girlfriend Samantha Ronson, and most recently busted for shoplifting while already out of jail on probation, LiLo (as she is nicknamed in the press) is one hot mess.

Celebrity Gossip reports claim legal problems continued to mount in June 2011 after the Hollywood actress flunked a sobriety test and was cited for refusing to take drug tests ordered at the request of her probation officer while she was living in her beachfront home under house arrest in California. Already having violated the terms of her previous probation for having gotten a DUI, stealing a necklace from a jewelry store and being caught on cam, and already failing drug tests when out of jail on probation, there is little doubt in people’s minds hearing that she is violating the terms of her house arrest is part of the former celebrity teen Disney Princess taking advantage of her celebrity status.

So, what do the courts and her probation officer have to say about the Hollywood starlet gone wild? A bunch. Mostly relating to the very real fact that if Lindsay Lohan was not a Hollywood star, the likelihood is she would be sitting in a women’s prison or the Los Angeles county jail by now.

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So who or what is making Lindsay Lohan act so badly? Addicted to drugs and alcohol physically or not, it is likely the culture of the spoiled rich who have nothing in life better to do than party. Take, for example, her ex-girlfriend turned next door neighbor Samantha Ronson. Samantha, who is openly fully gay, has been an LGBT activist for years — which in and of itself is a great thing. The trouble is, as a night club DJ she is also very much into partying. Samantha Ronson just today [July 25th] tweeted the following account of her previous evening’s partying antics from the verified celebrity account @samantharonson, saying:

Yup….. My head is gonna hurt tomorrow, but we all know it’s worth it! @chateauLV and #hennyblack

If LiLo is still hanging around Sam (in public or in private), there is no way she will not see excessive binge drinking and partying being promoted as a cool thing. Combine her peer group influences with fame too early and a family parented by divorced celebrity dad Michael Lohan and you had an At-Risk kid in the making.

Keep Lindsay Lohan sleeping with girls like Sam and you have a party queen undoubtedly — not necessarily Mean Girls, but definitely pushing the limits of cultural norms and legal boundaries. Give her a conscience, and you start shoplifting apologetically as a desperate cry for attention. Cause the former pop music star and actress to lose big roles repeatedly and ban her from red carpet appearances and you might get her attention — but really, at this point without further intervention from the courts that strip the celeb of star privileges and buck up to cover the cost of her rehabilitation from the state budget, one will continue to see Lindsay Lohan on the cover of tabloid magazines for scandal after scandal… until she hits bottom or dies accidentally, neither her fan support base or her family are going to be able to pull her from the night club party scene.


As a DJ, Samantha Ronson is very respected as a cool girl into the night club scene. As a lesbian who openly supports gay marriage rights and previously supported repealing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policies of the United States military, she has a good reputation with members of the LGBT community. Ronson has been romantically links on and off to Lindsay Lohan for years, and the two girls seems to share an abiding friendship as much as they do a physical attraction or love affair. She has over a milion and a half followers and when she gives her celebrity endorsement to paid tweets, rumor is she gives all the money away to charity. How much does she make per tweet? “When DJ Samantha Ronson (Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girl) tweets to more than 1.5 million followers, she gives all of her income to charity, reports.…” and with that size follower base that amounts to roughly $1500 a piece. Let’s hope she will be donating the money she makes endorsing the alcohol Hennessy Black with other celebrity DJs.

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Celebrity Scandal: Samantha Ronson drinking influencing Lindsay Lohan?


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