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Celebrity Scandal: Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie both homewreckers

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Celebrity Scandal: Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie both homewreckers Celebrity Scandal!

Jennifer Aniston accused of being a homewrecker like Angelina Jolie?

[Jun. 22]

Karma has a funny way of teaching people how to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. Actress Jennifer Aniston has long been the girl next door who was woefully wronged by younger and more financially successful actress Angelina Jolie. Despite the fact that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had come to a point in their relationship where they had entirely different life goals and were likely ready to split, actress Angelina Jolie bore the full brunt of responsibility for Brad Pitt’s cheating ways by entertaining a relationship with a married man when the two star celebs were getting busy on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Now, having gained fame and popularity by playing the victim for years, Aniston is getting a taste of what it means to get involved with a man who has unfinished business related to his romantic life elsewhere. Enter into the picture Justin Theroux and watch the celebrity scandal parallels commence. Jen and Justin met on the set of the movie Wanderlust. At the time, Theroux was very much involved in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Heidi Bivens. Bivens was a costume designer and she and Theroux — who wrote the movie script for the film Tropic Thunder — had been living together a long time and showed no signs their relationship was on the skids… until, that is, Theroux started sneaking off to spend time with the famous actress. From that point forward, the relationship between Bivens and Theroux began to fall apart — while the relationship coined “just a friendship” between Theroux and Aniston grew stronger. Now that the two are going public with their already fully blossomed romance, Bivens is shocked (to say the least) and realizing in hindsight what was the real deal with her increasingly emotionally distant man.

Does the very real fact that Jennifer Aniston showed no qualms about going after Justin Theroux because he was not married excuse the fact that he was involved in a long-term relationship and his girl was clueless he was allegedly hooking up for trysts with the actress? Oddly enough, the Jennifer Aniston advocates who hate Angelina Jolie for being a homewrecker are (for the most part) fully exonerating Jennifer Aniston from any wrongdoing based on this legal glitch.

On June 22, Socialite Life shared:

Theroux, who wrote 2008′s Tropic Thunder, had been dating costume designer Bivens and sharing a home with her. But as Theroux and Aniston got closer after meeting on the set of Wanderlust last year, the relationship between Theroux and Bivens began to fall apart.

The celebrity gossip source went on to ask:

Is Aniston… to blame for the break up or were things between Theroux and Bivens already coming to an end?

Then, they revealed more of the celebrity scandal details about the relationships questionable star, claiming:

Last week, we quoted a friend of Theroux who told the New York Post that “things were already over between him and Heidi before he got close to Jen.”

But now, Us Weekly is reporting that a source told them “Jen went after him” and that the Wanderlust co-stars had “secret trysts.”

According to Us Weekly‘s sources, “Jen wanted Justin and it didn’t matter that he was already with someone” and Bivens “didn’t know Aniston was the catalyst” behind her break up “until now.”

Actress Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have gone on to have 6 celebrity kids — proving the claim that Brad Pitt was more than ready to be a father a true celebrity dad claim. Jolie and Pitt just shared a visit on the set of his new Zombie movie this week and Brad got to spend time with two of his young daughters. The celebrity power couple seem to have taken most criticism in stride by not reading the hateful and inflammatory gossip mags. Brad Pitt never truly admitted that he was cheating on Jennifer Aniston — and Angelina Jolie never claimed she stole his heart by being the better woman. She only shared that she and he shared a passionate dedication to raising their family of three adopted kids — and credits Brad Pitt for convincing her to have three more biological kids with him in rapid succession.

To hear Jennifer Aniston would even consider getting romantically involved with a man who had been single less than three or more years is a real shocker to those who wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt by thinking the experience she survived of losing a man to a relationship with another woman would have taught her. However, it seems the karmic lesson for the former star of the hit television series Friends this time seems to be to learn what it feels like to meet a man who you like — and to allow yourself to become the catalyst for him to ruin an otherwise healthy and loving relationship (even if it was less than ideal or perfect).

What is know for sure is that all the stars are green celebrities to vary degrees. While Angelina Jolie is the most noted for her humanitarian work on behalf of natural disaster victims and political refugees (and for adopting impoverished children from third world countries, Brad Pitt is green as well. In his free time, he studies architecture. Specifically, sustainable architecture and green building designs. He founded a group called Make It Right NOLA to help the survivors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans build low-cost and eco-friendly houses. He also spent a great deal of time helping BFF actor George Clooney (who just confirmed a breakup with pet-friendly girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis) to raise money to help earthquake victims in Haiti while Jolie traveled to the devastated country as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations to help uncover corruption in the hospital systems. [People were found selling donated medical supplies to injured victims to make a profit and denying medical care to those in need during the crisis situation.] And then there is Aniston — who says she takes a three minute shower to help the planet. Yes, her celebrity hairstyle can be lathered and rinsed clean lickety split — with no split ends in the mix. She is also a pet friendly star celeb who stared in Marley And Me with actor Owen Wilson and recently lost her dog Norman — a darling Welsh Corgie mix — to old age.


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Celebrity Scandal: Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie both homewreckers


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