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Celebrity Couples: Lucky Luciano actor locking lips with Ashlee Simpson?

June 21st, 2011 at 6:35 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Celebrity Couples: Lucky Luciano actor locking lips with Ashlee Simpson? Celebrity Couples!

Lucky Luciano actor Vincent Piazza caught locking lips in NYC with singer Ashlee Simpson?

[Jun. 21]

The latest Hollywood couple to go public with their romance were not spotted taking a stroll along the Boardwalk — but the actor does play gangster Lucky Luciano on the hit HBO television series Boardwalk Empire. Actor Vincent Piazza (like the town market, not the Pizza) is the half German, half Sicilian Italian hottie who has captured the romantic attention of singer Ashlee Simpson. Simpson recently divorced Fall Out Boy musician Pete Wentz, and the little sister of actress and pop idol Disney Princess Jessica Simpson has been making the Hollywood rounds dating ever since. Sharing much ado about her new love life in a series of very public Tweets, Ashlee Simpson has shared just enough — enough times — to get both her name and her new boyfriend’s name in the celebrity gossip headlines of major entertainment news publications like E! Online. But why the fanfare about the two young lovebirds? Because they were spotted locking lips — a lot — on a recent stroll around New York City. The Paparazzi has photos and videos of the couple kissing and looking very cozy. What is surprising about the celebrity couple announcement is that Vincent Piazza — the lesser known star — is keeping his lips locked about the whole affair. Apparently Lucky Luciano does not like to kiss and tell — even if the publicity of landing a Simpson sister could give the former Broadway theater actor’s career a boost to make his name one familiar as an up and coming Hollywood celebrity. His reps say he declines to comment about his… *ahem*… personal relationships.

As for the Simpson sisters Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson, both star celebs continue to see their name in headlines (albeit Jessica gets far more press that Ashlee and there are rumors the relationship is strained at times over the tabloid inequities). Both girls have verified Twitter accounts and share news about their personal lives regularly.

Jessica’s Twitter account got the most attention with her request for help finding her lost dog Daisy. The poor pet was snatched by a coyote from the backyard of the celebrity home where Jessica lived, devastating the pet-friendly celebrity. Tweeting emotional news about the event and please to help find the pet, her dog Daisy (or Daisy’s body) was never recovered.

Ashlee’s Twitter account only seems to get followed when she tweets and tweets and tweets provocative news (like her recent claims about being in love with Vincent Piazza so soon after her divorce). Rather than making headlines with talent [which her big sis admittedly has] , poor Ashlee has to share personal news until someone in the press notices.

Why is Ashlee Simpson famous?

[This clarification goes out to all the hip online-savvy grandma's out there who don't know who she is...]

Unfortunately, most people did not even know she was a pop music singer like her big sister until she was perfroming live in concert — and got caught lip syncing on Saturday Night Live back in 2004 thanks to a technical malfunction. Ashlee ran off stage after that one… but the debacle was not quite as scandalous as the wardrobe malfunction singer Janet Jackson had while perfroming at the Superbowl on live TV with singer Justin Timberlake or when pop tart Britney Spears shaved her head. It was just funny in the Milli Vanilli without the disappointment sense.

Don’t know any of those people or their music?

Some might say you are better off. Pop on the Barry Manilow — forget about Nick Lachey — kick back, and relax. But if your teenagers ask, tell them Ashlee Simpson has two platinum record albums, has done a reality show, and appeared in film already while making strides to come out from under her sister’s shadow.




Actress, model, fashion designer, and singer: Jessica Simpson can be described as any of the above and she has been using her star power wisely. Once famous for asking if canned Chicken Of The Sea Tuna was really fish or chicken, the ditzy doll is (in all reality) a Disney Princess but still a love. Her willingness to participate in the VH1 television expose program The Price Of Beauty gives her eternal cool points as a green celebrity. Taking off all her makeup and getting real about fluctuating weight gain and weight loss fitness troubles, the blonde starlet has =done her part to advocate for natural beauty and to challenge traditional images of beauty in Hollywood.

Ashlee Simpson has actually been an advocate for a variety of causes, sharing time on the red carpet and at events with her more famous celebrity sister. The brunette turned bleached blonde has been a big advocate for St. Jude Childrens Hospital — and other children’s charities such as Keep A Child Alive.

Read more about famous humanitarians and star celebs going green...

Celebrity Couples: Lucky Luciano actor locking lips with Ashlee Simpson?


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